What is Corona Virus COVID-19?

Sun Mar 15 21:18:30

Corona Virus is a disease which has recently had an outbreak all over the world. It is a virus which causes respiratory illness. It is also commonly known as Covid-19 which originated in China. Corona Virus has created complete mayhem in almost every country. People of more than 110 countries have been diagnosed with this disease. The World Health Organization (or WHO) has declared the outbreak of Corona Virus as a pandemic and this is a state of emergency for the whole world. Corona Virus has created a fear among every individual and everyone are confused about how to combat it. In this article, we will give you detailed knowledge of the Corona Virus and how you can combat it.

Origination of Corona Virus

By now you have a brief idea of What is Corona Virus COVID-19 ? Moving on and talking about the origination of this virus, the first case of Corona Virus Covid-19 came out in the month of December 2019 in the city of Wuhan in China. Since then, this disease has proliferated and reached several countries. The exact source of the new Corona Virus Covid-19 is still unknown and it is being traced badly but the experts and scientists hint at the fact that this disease may have been transmitted through the seafood market in the city of Wuhan in China. There are several researched and studies that are going on related to the origination and source of Corona Virus.

The spread of Corona Virus

Corona Virus has become the talk of the town and its current outbreak has caused fear among all individuals. It is said that the Corona Virus spreads or gets transferred from one infected person to the another. Corona Virus, just like any other virus, needs a host to survive. They get transmitted from a person who is infected through eyes, nose, mouth or any other inlets. If any person who is infected by the Corona Virus touches any surface then the virus gets there and stays on the surface for a few days. A person who is not infected by it touches the surface and the virus gets on to its hand. Then when those infected hands touch the eyes or mouth, then the virus gets into the body and this leads to the spread of Corona Virus. Also, if a person who has a Corona Virus, sneezes without covering their mouth then the virus gets transferred to the other person. Human contact has become a major reason for the outspread of Corona Virus.

Corona Virus is a disease which also spreads community wise. Community spreads refer to the spread of any disease in a particular locality, area or community. It has been observed that if a person in a particular locality gets Corona Virus, then his whole locality or community gets infected by it. Many individuals who have been affected by this disease have no idea how they got infected by it. Corona Virus originated in China and now it has spread to more than 100 countries worldwide. Many research centers are researching this disease and trying methods to stop this disease. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this disease as a pandemic and this is a serious disease from which the whole world is fighting.

Symptoms of Covid-19

In general cases, the following are the symptoms of Covid-19:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle pain

In very rare cases, Corona Virus has caused major respiratory disorder, kidney failure and eventually the death of the patients.

Corona Virus also affects people who have the problem of asthma. One of the major symptoms of Corona Virus is shortness of breath, so if a person has asthma and he gets infected with Corona Virus then it may trigger asthma attacks in them. To prevent this, many research institutes have taken out several precautions that asthma patients should take to prevent the triggering of asthma attacks in them in case they get infected with Corona Virus.

The government of every country are trying their best to fight this disease. They are trying to make people aware of this disease. They are even giving helpline numbers where the individuals can contact and get immediate help over the phone. If you have fever and shortness of breath then you must call on the emergency number provided in your country and talk to the health official and tell them exact details of the problems you are facing. You must also let them know about your medical history and travel history. There are several countries like China and Korea where this outbreak is more as compared to other countries and these countries are not recommended for travelling. If you have travelled from any of those countries or have been in contact of any person who has got Corona Virus then you must inform the official on the medical emergency number and they shall guide you further.

Precautions are taken to prevent the spread of Corona Virus

As already discussed above, the Corona Virus spreads or gets transferred from one person to another. So, the major precaution that most of the companies are taking in every country is giving the opportunity to their employees to work from home so that they avoid human contact as far as possible.

Further, several health agencies like Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) who are like a watchdog keeping an eye on this disease have taken out certain preventive measures that an individual should follow in order to prevent themselves from getting infected by this disease. These precautions are as follows:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap or hand wash for almost twenty seconds so that the germs are removed from your hand;
  • In the absence of soap or water, use sanitizers which have a high percentage of alcohol content in them;
  • If you get cold and cough, then you should cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing or coughing and then immediately you must throw that tissue into the dustbin;
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth at frequent intervals and with unwashed hands;
  • Maintaining cleanliness and continuously disinfecting the surfaces which are commonly touched or used;
  • Staying at home as much as possible;
  • Avoiding places where there are huge public gatherings;
  • Avoiding public transports;

Current scenario of Corona Virus Covid-19

As per a report released by the World Health Organization on 12th March 2020, it can be observed that there are total 125048 confirmed cases of Corona Virus globally and out of these cases around 4613 death cases have confirmed. In China itself, the number of confirmed cases as on that date is 80981 and the number of deaths is 3173 and other countries (excluding China) have recorded in total 44067 confirmed cases, out of which 1440 patients have died. As per the reports, more than 115 countries and territories have been infected by this disease and this has created a situation of panic among the people. World Health Organization has asked people not to panic as this disease is a controllable pandemic and with adequate precautions, it can be controlled.

Difference between Corona Virus and SARS

SARS was a similar disease whose outbreak was noticed in the year 2003 in China and later it spread to other countries. SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which caused respiratory illness to people whom it infected. The virus that causes Covid-19 in 2020 is similar to the virus that caused SARS in the year 2003. However, SARS and Corona Virus are not same because SARS did not spread so rapidly among people as compared to Corona Virus which is spreading very rapidly among people. Also, Corona Virus cause less severe illness as compared to SARS. In the case of Corona Virus, we have observed that many people have died but if we see the mortality rate then we notice that it is not that high.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Covid-19

Corona Virus or Covid-19 can be diagnosed with the help of symptoms that are mentioned above. But most symptoms are common with normal Flu so it becomes difficult to understand whether a person is infected with normal flu or with Corona Virus. Therefore, a case of Corona Virus can be diagnosed only by a physical examination of the patients. Further, the laboratory tests confirm whether a person is infected with Corona Virus or not. Talking about the treatment of Covid-19, there is no specific treatment of this disease. Due to the outspread and state of panic, people who are infected from this disease are kept in isolation and then treated. In mild cases, normal medicines are given and proper care is taken and in severe cases, research is being done and accordingly proper medicines are being given.

Take away

The sudden outbreak of Corona Virus Covid-19 has caused great panic among people in all countries all over the world. There is a state of fear which is created everywhere and people are not sure how to tackle this situation. Many people are confused that What is Corona Virus COVID-19 ? To answer it, Government has been coming up with several awareness programs and campaigns. Also, Government of every country and other medical research institutes have taken out many measures and suggestions for people to follow so that they are prevented from being infected from this virus.