• Belize - 23 New Cases (41 minutes ago)
  • North America - 23 New Cases (41 minutes ago)
  • Peru - 5384 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 5384 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Eritrea - 3 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Africa - 3 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Honduras - 52 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Honduras - 11 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Honduras - 418 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 52 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 11 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 418 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Kazakhstan - 1179 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Kazakhstan - 722 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Asia - 1179 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Asia - 722 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Paraguay - 54 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • South America - 54 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • South America - 7 Deaths (2 hours ago)
  • South America - 327 New Cases (2 hours ago)
  • Belgium - 12 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • Belgium - 7 Deaths (2 hours ago)
  • Belgium - 468 New Cases (2 hours ago)
  • Europe - 12 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • Europe - 7 Deaths (2 hours ago)
  • Europe - 468 New Cases (2 hours ago)
  • Germany - 1000 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • Europe - 1000 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • Venezuela - 3574 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • South America - 3574 Recovered (2 hours ago)

COVID-19 statistics for Antigua and Barbuda

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Coronavirus statistics for Antigua and Barbuda

Country Total New Deaths Deaths today Recovered Active Critical Per Mil Pop
Antigua and Barbuda 92 0 3 0 76 0 13 1

COVID-19 Latest News for Antigua and Barbuda:

5 hours ago
Trump could temporarily block Americans from returning to the U.S. if they’re suspected of having the coronavirus
Antigua Observer Newspaper

(The New York Times) – President Trump is considering new immigration regulations that would allow border officials to temporarily block American citizens and legal permanent residents from returning to the United States from abroad if authorities believe they may be infected with the coronavirus...

12 hours ago
Bahamas takes cautious approach to US travel advisories on COVID-19
Antigua Observer Newspaper

(CMC)— The Bahamas Government has stopped short of levelling criticisms at the United States over its decision to impose travel restrictions and placing the country on a list of high-risk countries to be avoided by its nationals because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In a statement, the Ministry...

20 hours ago
Residents urged to support local farmers
Antigua Observer Newspaper

“Are we consuming enough of what we are producing?” That was the loaded question from the Ministry of Agriculture, through senior extension officer, Owolabi Elabanjo. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, plans were put in place to assist farmers and other food producers to increase their capacity...

20 hours ago
Benjamin On Olympics Postponement: It Was Hard
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Carlena Knight Track and field star Rai Benjamin has shared his sentiments on the news of the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics. The event, which was to be hosted in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9, was forcibly delayed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Benjamin is the son of two […...

20 hours ago
Local marathon cancelled due to Covid
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Carlena Knight Several sporting organisations have been forced to cancel their events due to the coronavirus pandemic. One more event that has joined this list is the highly publicised Run in Paradise marathon. The race was previously postponed to October 11 from its original May 24date, but news...

1 day ago
INTERNATIONAL: Georgia confirms healthy 7-year-old is state’s youngest coronavirus-related death
Antigua Observer Newspaper

( – Georgia health officials have confirmed that a 7-year-old boy with no underlying conditions has become the youngest person in the state to die from COVID-19. The African-American boy was infected with the disease after attending a Savannah church where he...

1 day ago
Brazil passes 100,000 deaths as outbreak shows no sign of easing
Antigua Observer Newspaper

(BBC) – Brazil has recorded more 100,000 deaths linked to Covid-19, the world’s second-highest figure, as the outbreak in the country shows no sign of easing. The virus killed 50,000 people in three months, but that number doubled in just 50 days. There have been more than three million...

1 day ago
IMF says stands ready to provide support to Guyana, congratulates President Ali
Antigua Observer Newspaper

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says it “stands ready” to provide support to Guyana “to design policies that will promote sustainable economic growth and raise the living standards of the Guyanese people.” In sending congratulatory messages to President-elect Dr Irfaan Ali, the Managing...

2 days ago
REGIONAL: 22 of St Lucia’s 25 Covid-19 cases fully recovered
Antigua Observer Newspaper

Saint Lucia has recorded a total of 25 COVID-19 cases to date, 22 of these cases have fully recovered and three patients remain in care at the Respiratory Hospital and remain stable. A total of 3,548 tests have been conducted to date. Two of the patients have recovered clinically and do not show any...

2 days ago
Young entrepreneur encourages others to be their ‘brother’s keeper’
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Carlena Knight “Making a difference, one day at a time” is the mantra one young entrepreneur is living by during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a time where people are being encouraged to be one’s ‘brother’s keeper’, Pattish Alexander is living up to that phrase. On Thursday, she donated a...

2 days ago
Tourist accommodation owners urged to register for certification
Antigua Observer Newspaper

Operators of tourist accommodation facilities of all sizes are encouraged to register their properties for certification. Registration continues at the Ministry of Tourism’s headquarters on Queen Elizabeth Highway between 8.30am and noon on weekdays. “It is imperative that we ensure that all properties...

2 days ago
Massiah calls for complete lockdown of country
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Shermain Bique-Charles [email protected] Leader of the Democratic National Alliance Joanne Massiah is suggesting that Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his government take a leaf from Bahamian leader Hubert Minnis’s book and shut down the nation once again to fight the coronavirus...

2 days ago
Six more sentenced for social gathering violations at Spanish Paradise Bar
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Carlena Knight The final six of the 12 individuals who were arrested and charged on August 1 at the Spanish Paradise Bar on Old Parham Road after breaking social gathering protocols were convicted on Thursday.  The group was discovered in violation of a number of Covid-related rules last Saturday...

3 days ago
US hurdler confident he will succeed despite Covid-19 interruption
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Neto Baptiste US 400 metres hurdler, Rai Benjamin, believes that 2020 would have been his breakout year and that he would have performed well at the 2020 Olympics had it not been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The 2020 Olympics was originally scheduled for 24 July to 9 August this...

3 days ago
Prison expansion due for completion ‘within weeks’
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Theresa Goodwin [email protected] Work is well underway at the national prison – despite the Covid-19 crisis – on the planned expansion aimed at addressing long-standing problems with overcrowding. This is according to the minister with responsibility for the institution, Steadroy...

4 days ago
Regional: Entire community in Jamaica placed under quarantine
Antigua Observer Newspaper

(Buzz Caribbean) – Sandy Bay in Clarendon, Jamaica has been placed under community quarantine for 14 days following recent positive coronavirus cases (COVID-19) coming from the area. The area will be quarantined beginning today at 6:00 am to Thursday, August 20 at 6:00 am, on the recommendation...

4 days ago
St Vincent: Decision to keep quarantine stats secret comes under fire
Antigua Observer Newspaper

(iwnsvg) – Opposition Spokesperson on health matters, Daniel Cummings is questioning the government’s decision to stop publishing information on the number of persons in coronavirus-related quarantine. “Why is it that they refuse to tell us now how many persons in quarantine? What are they...

5 days ago
Minister suggests calypso competition could be staged during Independence
Antigua Observer Newspaper

By Carlena Knight Despite the Covid-19 pandemic having triggered the cancellation of the Carnival 2020 celebrations, including the popular the Calypso Monarch competition, all may not be lost for calypsonians as they may get an opportunity to showcase their talents . In fact, the minister responsible...

6 days ago
The Caribbean Dilemma
Antigua Observer Newspaper

(The New York Times) – Many islands are open to American travelers. Going could mean bringing coronavirus to places ill prepared to deal with it. Not going could mean deepening economic woes. How do you choose? Last year, more than 31 million people visited the Caribbean, more than half of them...

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