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  • North America - 23 New Cases (20 minutes ago)
  • Peru - 5384 Recovered (56 minutes ago)
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  • Eritrea - 3 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Africa - 3 Recovered (1 hour ago)
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  • Honduras - 11 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Honduras - 418 New Cases (1 hour ago)
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  • North America - 11 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 418 New Cases (1 hour ago)
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  • South America - 327 New Cases (2 hours ago)
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  • Belgium - 7 Deaths (2 hours ago)
  • Belgium - 468 New Cases (2 hours ago)
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  • Europe - 7 Deaths (2 hours ago)
  • Europe - 468 New Cases (2 hours ago)
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Coronavirus statistics for Bahamas

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COVID-19 Latest News for Bahamas:

6 hours ago
How will NIB process cheques now that community spread of Coronavirus has hit the head office of the Board?

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting several cases of Covid19 in the National Insurance Complex on Bailliou Hill Road. We can report NIB over the weekend began sanitization exercises at the main headquarters after an employee in the NIB Card Registration section became exposed to coronavirus. Since...

9 hours ago
Writer points out Abuse of Power by the Competent Authority!

A socio-economic crisis caused by incompetent, misinformed and morally bankrupt political leadership… August 9, 2020 Letter to the Editor; Bahamas Press Never In our lifetimes have we witnessed the raw abuse of power demonstrated by the government in response to Covid-19.  We are not experiencing...

1 day ago
A BP RECAP of the PM Minnis [“Da LOCKDOWN” PM] National Address on Sunday…

One additional COVID death recorded on the Dashboard today… Meanwhile, PM Minnis reminded yall he is waiting on Bill Gates KILLER vaccine! BP BREAKING| 777 active cases of Covid19 in the country. That is ya three-ball number for the day! • There are 777 active cases of COVID19 898 CASES...

2 days ago
NIB being spayed down as another COVID19 case surfaced!

NASSAU| Covid19 sanitization teams were called into the National Insurance Board after a positive tested patient surfaced. Expect the numbers to go up as the guests continue to come into the Bahamas untested and our leaders know just what BP is saying. HEALTH OFFICIALS say some 69 new cases were...

4 days ago
RBDF officer who tested positive for Covid19 on Wednesday dies today at South Beach Clinic…

NASSAU| RBDF OFFICER Livingston Pratt who tested positive for coronavirus yesterday died just minutes ago at the South Beach Clinic facility after he returned with serious COVID related complications. Marine Pratt returned to the facility after his conditions worsen but did not survive. Tonight...

4 days ago
Some 23 patients tested positive for Covid19 at Sandilands…

NASSAU| the number of Covid patients climbed higher today as the nursing Union President confirmed that some 23 patients at Sandilands have tested positive for coronavirus yesterday. The development sparks tensions at the Rehabilitive Centre and renewed calls for better working conditions and protective...

5 days ago
Supervisor at popular gaming house Island Luck tests positive for Covid19 and staff are being asked to report still to work?

BP BREAKING| Bahamas Press is reporting a senior supervisor at Island Luck has tested positive for the Coronavirus after returning back into the country on a trip to the popular covid destination Florida. The employee now has been quarantined for the next 14 days, and the workers have not been...

6 days ago
Exclusive: Top WHO disease detective warns against return to national lockdowns

Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, who helps lead the WHO’s pandemic response, said that ‘localised’ measures should instead be used to stem Covid-19 The World Health Organisation has urged countries not to reimpose national lockdowns in an attempt to stem the spread of Covid-19 due to the health...

1 week ago
A Boutique informs 184 clients of possible exposure to coronavirus…

Health Officials have yet to step in and investigate the serious community spread! POSITIVE CASES BY PALM READING!!! NASSAU| A popular spa is desperately seeking guidance from the Ministry of Health after two employees tested positive for coronavirus last week and 184 clients were exposed to those...

1 week ago
Popular pizza eatery employee sent home with COVID19 symptoms…

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting an employee at a local popular pizza eatery in eastern New Providence has been sent home and placed in quarantine after displaying dangerous symptoms of COVID19. We have no idea if the staffer was tested. And even if the employee presented to health officials,...

1 week ago
Get off the bus; police order passengers off buses

by NASSAU| Dozens of jitney passengers were left stranded on the streets of New Providence today after police officers kicked them off and ordered jitney drivers to park their buses or get arrested. It turns out, public transportation is prohibited in the new Emergency...

1 week ago
AG’s Office shut down; Attorney has Covid-19- when you was ga know this?

NASSAU| The Attorney General’s Office and Ministry of Legal Affairs have been shut down for one week after one of its female attorneys tested positive for COVID-19. Attorneys were instructed to advise the courts of the closure, which will negatively impact court cases that are already backlogged...

1 week ago
Magistrate’s courts matters require ‘serious attention’ – Ya think the Anti-Corruption Unit interested?

Inconsistencies in the collection of cash payments in a number of Magistrate’s courts on New Providence, and defendants on conditional discharge being guided to utilize a private counseling firm for which court staff was collecting $750 to $1,500 per defendant, is a matter that ought to be given “...

2 weeks ago
Fox Hill Police Station Closed after officer tests positive for Covid19!

By Fox Hill Police Station was forced to temporarily shut down for deep cleaning on Saturday after a police officer attached to the eastern New Providence station tested positive for COVID-19. The station is back open after being sanitized. It is unclear if other police officers at...

2 weeks ago
Contractor battling for life after being infected with COVID19!

FREEPORT| We are learning that that FES Contractor Mr. Cameron Edgecombe is in hospital battling for life with Covid19. His staff is also experiencing serious breathing problems on Grand Bahama island where the office is based. Now we want you to follow this story now because Health Officials never...

2 weeks ago
Freeport, Bimini workers spread Covid to Cat Cay

BIMINI| Three staff and construction members of Cat Cay Yacht Club have tested positive for coronavirus while 27 other workers are in quarantine. In a letter to club members, management said, “30 staff members and construction members arrived on Cat Cay from ‪Bimini‬ and Freeport on Monday...

2 weeks ago
Distraught bedridden mother begs the nation to “please help me find my missing son!”

39-years-old Kenneth Shawn McKenzie has been missing since last week Tuesday! NASSAU| A mother is bedridden tonight after her son Kenneth Shawn McKenzie has been missing in New Providence for the past seven days.The mother, who struggled to speak with teams at Bahamas Press, is distraught over...

2 weeks ago
A Winter Resident on Cat Island tests positive

CAT ISLAND RECORDS ITS FIRST TWO CASES OF COVID-19 STATEMENT: As your District Administrator, I was informed by the health professionals that there are presently 2 confirmed Covid 19 Cases associated with Cat Island. At present our initial protocols have began n we ask for the communities cooperation...

3 weeks ago
Out of caution after police aide tests positive for Covid19 Peter Turnquest self-isolate!

Minister Turnquest tests negative for COVID-19 after possible exposure  STATEMENT: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest received a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result on Friday, July 17, 2020. Following the Ministry of Health’s protocols, Minister Turnquest took the test...

3 weeks ago
Another day of explosive COVID19 cases – 21 NEW CASES HEALTH OFFICIALS CONFIRM!

The Ministry of Health confirms today that there are twenty-one (21) additional confirmed cases of COVID-19. This brings the total number of confirmed cases to one hundred seventy-four (174). There have been one hundred and one (101) confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Providence, fifty-nine (59) confirmed...

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