• Pakistan - 1813 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • Pakistan - 67 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Pakistan - 4065 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 1813 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 67 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 4065 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • Chile - 41227 Recovered (13 minutes ago)
  • South America - 41227 Recovered (13 minutes ago)
  • Kazakhstan - 225 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 225 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • Brazil - 12943 Recovered (46 minutes ago)
  • South America - 12943 Recovered (46 minutes ago)
  • Australia - 10 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Australia - 8 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Oceania - 10 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Oceania - 8 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Honduras - 14 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Honduras - 8 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Honduras - 165 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 14 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 8 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 165 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • El Salvador - 44 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • El Salvador - 3 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 44 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 3 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Bolivia - 161 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Bolivia - 33 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Bolivia - 460 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 161 Recovered (1 hour ago)

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Coronavirus statistics for Barbados

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COVID-19 Latest News for Barbados:

6 days ago
Bajans Abroad Have the Best Eyes and Ears
Barbados Underground

Submitted by Andrew Nehaul Many write about tourism being on the way out but few provide any solid ideas or concepts that can be used as an economic substitute. With your permission I would like to change the subject. I may be wrong but I get the impression that many who visit this site live abroad....

1 week ago
Adrian Loveridge Column – Book or not to Book is the Question
Barbados Underground

One of the greatest challenges for the entire tourism industry post Coronavirus, in my humble opinion, will be the subject of credibility in the eyes of the consumer or traveller. Almost every day, often conflicting announcements, regarding the status of when ‘we’ are able to fly and from where,...

1 week ago
He Was Born With a Vampire on his Back
Barbados Underground

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari HE WAS BORN WITH A VAMPIRE ON HIS BACK, so he believes that God put it there. Moreover, he was schooled and churched to see his landless-ness as normal.That is why today’s X-Slaves do not recognize the fundamental injustice that is inherent in their landless...

2 weeks ago
Adrian Loveridge Column – Dishonest Tour Operators
Barbados Underground

Will the traditional model of largely being a tour operator dependent tourism destination dramatically change – as we know it – after the end of the Coronavirus crisis? What prompted these thoughts were the widespread reporting of the huge amounts of monies still owed to our hotel and lodging...

4 weeks ago
Adrian Loveridge Column – Post Covid Airlines Hustle
Barbados Underground

While some may view it as premature to speculate, given our dependency on tourism, without any other sector on the horizon to replace it, partially or totally, it is perhaps not quite so silly. Many airlines have taken this ‘opportunity’ of the current crisis to downsize their fleets, especially...

4 weeks ago
COVID 19 HIT (Check) List
Barbados Underground

Submitted by Bentley If you do not tick any of the sicknesses in the table your chances of having a negative outcome to contracting Covid 19 maybe virtually zero. I challenge anyone in or outside the medical community to identify a single individual who has died from Covid-19 that did not fall into...

1 month ago
Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Mock Prime Minister
Barbados Underground

Barbados is in the grip of the worst pandemic, in my lifetime, Covid-19 that has taken the lives of over 200,000 people worldwide to date. And it does not seem that the Government is up to the task of managing this crisis. To my mind, it is certainly not setting the example by complying with the conditions...

1 month ago
Adrian Loveridge Column – Suggestion
Barbados Underground

The current Coronavirus crisis has given ‘us’ a multitude of opportunities, if we choose to seize the moment and use this time to learn and improve conditions for growing our economy, when circumstances return to any form of normality. As I have mentioned before, especially for the smaller investor...

1 month ago
A Question for Acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw
Barbados Underground

Submitted by SirFuzzy Will the MOEd [Ministry of Education] be forced to consider having a staggered teaching arrangement if the covid-19 induced realities still swamp us at the beginning of a new academic year in September 2020″? I believe that secondary school may adapt to the stay-at-home-...

1 month ago
Adrian Loveridge Column – Cruise Ship Industry Presents Opportunity
Barbados Underground

While pretty much all that is uttered currently regarding the future of our land based tourism sector is purely academic, until we can see some possible end to the current coronavirus crisis, one thing for absolutely certainty is that the cruise ship industry will never be quite the same again. According...

1 month ago
Developing Food Security in Post Covid 19 Caribbean Economies
Barbados Underground

Submitted by Mahogany Coconut Group Many regional commentators are of the firm opinion, that the post COVID-19 economies, will have to consider putting the Agriculture industry, at the forefront of economic planning. While we certainly do not want to engage in pessimism, we suspect that some who share...

1 month ago
Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Government Bungling Response to Coronavirus Crisis
Barbados Underground

At the outset of the Coronavirus crisis in this country, the Hon. Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, hosted a consultation with members of the Social Partnership and me at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, to plan strategy for fighting this threat. I was impressed and congratulated her on the approach....

1 month ago
Adrian Loveridge Column – Beyond the Crisis!
Barbados Underground

Of course, it is almost impossible to accurately predict exactly what is going to happen, as to when the global effect of the Coronavirus crisis is anything close to a foreseeable end. What is pretty much assured though is that nothing will be quite the same again, at least in the imaginable short to...

2 months ago
DeLisle Worrell Speaks to COVID-19
Barbados Underground

Reproduced with permission, the text of Dr. Delisle Worrell – former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados – April 2020 newsletter: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has counselled countries around the world to implement four measures to minimise the risk of an explosive increase in cases of...

2 months ago
Adrian Loveridge Column – COVID 19 Exposes Some Businesses
Barbados Underground

It is almost impossible to intelligently speculate on the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, as it appears to radically change by the minute, so I will attempt to avoid it until some middle to long term scenario comes into place. My apologies if circumstances have overtaken the time between writing, and this...

2 months ago
Call for MASS COVID 19 Testing
Barbados Underground

  Highly reliable test kits are available from Germany at a cost of Bd$346 per hundred tests. We immediately need to acquire 1 million tests for under 4 million dollars (that includes chartering a private jet to bring them here).

2 months ago
Barbados Labour Party Grabs All the Money
Barbados Underground

Local and international newsfeeds have understandably been choked with Covid-19 news in recent weeks. It is not surprising that an important debate which took place during the 65th Sitting of the House of Assembly 2018-2023 Estimates has gone largely unnoticed by the general public. Those of us who...

2 months ago
COVID-19 and NCDs
Barbados Underground

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim Personally, I would rather deal with systemic issues, despite obvious limitations of time and space. In this vein, you may wish to have Dr. Doughlin and/or others opine on the substance of the PAHO/WHO 2018-2024 report attached.

2 months ago
Dr Elliot Doughlin – Assisting the Body to Fight Coronavirus
Barbados Underground

The following is a health presentation by Dr Elliot Doughlin how to help the body fight against Carnivorous – COVID19. Thanks TB. .

2 months ago
Guyana’s Judicial System Provides Legal Pathway to Resolution of Election Concerns
Barbados Underground

The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) applauds the efforts of the CARICOM delegation to   assist Guyana during this process, notwithstanding the legal electoral challenges resulting in the CARICOM delegation leaving Guyana having not been able to conclude its mission. CARICOM Chairperson and Prime...

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