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  • Belgium - 468 New Cases (2 hours ago)
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  • Europe - 468 New Cases (2 hours ago)
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COVID-19 Latest News for Netherlands:

12 hours ago
AZ to host Viktoria Plzen in Champions League qualifier after losing Ajax appeal
NL Times news

AZ drew Viktoria Plzeň from the Czech Republic for their first two matches second qualifying round of the Champions League. The Alkmaar team appealed to UEFA, arguing that it should get the direct ticket Ajax got when the KNVB cut the Eredivisie season short in April due to the coronavirus crisis...

13 hours ago
Most Covid patients in hospital since July 1; Most new infections since April 26
NL Times news

The hospital patients included 29 people being treated in Dutch ICUs, a decrease of two. There were also 99 patients confirmed to have the coronavirus disease in other hospital wards, an increase of 12, figures from patient coordination office LCPS showed.Submitted by Zack Newmark on Monday, 10 August...

14 hours ago
Positive coronavirus test total rises again, MPs to debate increase Wednesday

A further 630 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the Netherlands in the past 24 hours, according to new...

15 hours ago
Bergen op Zoom considering "drastic measures" as Covid cases spike
NL Times news

The municipality of Bergen op Zoom is considering "drastic measures", including an obligation to wear masks in public spaces, in the fight against the coronavirus. After Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the Noord-Brabant municipality relatively had the most new coronavirus cases last week. "We mustn't shy away...

16 hours ago
Slight decrease in Covid-19 tests done last week
NL Times news

A total of 98,978 people were tested for the coronavirus by municipal health service GGD between August 3 and 9, compared to over 100 thousand tests in the week before. The decrease is much less severe than expected based on the very low number of tests conducted at the start of last week, NOS and...

17 hours ago
Sharp increase in misbehaving plane passengers linked to Covid measures
NL Times news

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate noticed an increase in reports of misbehaving passengers on planes since air traffic restarted. "There is a clear correlation between the corona measures on board and the increase in misconduct by passengers," the Inspectorate said on Monday.Submitted...

17 hours ago
Cafes told to register their customers, as owners complain of double standards

From this week, cafe and restaurant goers in the Netherlands will be asked to provide their contact details so they...

19 hours ago
Dispensable? Dead wood? Coronavirus dilemma sparks social media debate

A newspaper column, an online campaign and a letter to the editor by a 94-year-old have sparked a social media...

19 hours ago
Finland, Lithuania, Estonia get tough on Dutch travellers, more restrictions in Spain

A rise in coronavirus cases in both the Netherlands and abroad has prompted changes in the official travel advice to...

21 hours ago
A map shows the quietest places for resting in Amsterdam - TheMayor EU
Covid Spider

… coronavirus. Luckily, Amsterdam can provide the answer. The Dutch capital has launched … 1,5-metres distance principle, Amsterdam shows where it would be … in the last week), the Amsterdam authorities want to take further …

22 hours ago
Covid-19: Negative travel advice issued for Spanish provinces, Finland, Latvia, Estonia
NL Times news

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs escalated travel advice for six Spanish provinces, Finland, Latvia and Estonia to code orange, urging Netherlands residents to avoid visiting those areas unless absolutely necessary. The negative travel advice takes effect on Monday. It has to do with increasing coronavirus...

22 hours ago
Vital businesses want priority for Covid tests
NL Times news

As the number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands is increasing, so are the waiting times for people with symptoms to get tested for te virus. This is an issue for workplaces, as the government advice is for workers to stay home if they have symptoms and while waiting for their test results...

1 day ago
New coronavirus cases up nearly 50% for the week; Most ICU cases since June 29
NL Times news

The Netherlands posted a total of 3,466 new SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus infections for the week ending August 9, adding another 577 cases on Sunday. Preliminary data from public health agency RIVM showed that the total was more than 48 percent higher than the previous Monday-Sunday period.Submitted...

1 day ago
Coronavirus found on two more Dutch mink farms, taking total to 29

Coronavirus has been identified at two more mink farms in the Netherlands, taking the total to 29. All the mink...

1 day ago
Former RIVM chief criticises 'open-ended' Dutch approach to coronavirus
Covid Spider

… infections diseases department at Dutch public health institute RIVM … particular, allowing Rotterdam and Amsterdam to introduce masks in busy … to be introduced at Dutch airports for people from … features about all things Dutch. Your contributions make this …

1 day ago
Friesland’s first coronavirus cluster traces back to Dokkum cafe terrace

Despite claims that people are unlikely to become infected with coronavirus outdoors, some 14 people in their 20s and 30s...

2 days ago
Coronavirus infections for the week near 3,000; Young people must get tested, says expert
NL Times news

Data from public health agency RIVM on Saturday showed that another 486 people tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus. The RIVM revealed a total of 2,889 new infections since Monday, August 3, though some of those infections may have taken place at an earlier date.Submitted by Zack...

2 days ago
Former RIVM chief criticises ‘open-ended’ Dutch approach to coronavirus

The previous head of the infections diseases department at Dutch public health institute RIVM has criticised the government’s strategy for...

2 days ago
Germany picks up costs for Dutch Covid-19 patients treated in German ICU’s
NL Times news

The German government said it will cover the costs for dozens of Covid-19 patients who were transferred from the Dutch healthcare system to hospitals in Germany. Some 58 residents of the Netherlands were treated in German intensive care units when the Dutch ICU system reached full capacity at the first...

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