• Kenya - 7 Deaths (9 minutes ago)
  • Africa - 7 Deaths (9 minutes ago)
  • USA - 78 Recovered (12 minutes ago)
  • USA - 4 Deaths (12 minutes ago)
  • USA - 219 New Cases (12 minutes ago)
  • North America - 78 Recovered (12 minutes ago)
  • North America - 4 Deaths (12 minutes ago)
  • North America - 219 New Cases (12 minutes ago)
  • USA - 217 Recovered (15 minutes ago)
  • USA - 14 Deaths (15 minutes ago)
  • USA - 1095 New Cases (15 minutes ago)
  • North America - 217 Recovered (15 minutes ago)
  • North America - 14 Deaths (15 minutes ago)
  • North America - 1095 New Cases (15 minutes ago)
  • Argentina - 6692 Recovered (18 minutes ago)
  • Argentina - 38 Deaths (18 minutes ago)
  • USA - 154 Recovered (18 minutes ago)
  • USA - 5 Deaths (18 minutes ago)
  • USA - 818 New Cases (18 minutes ago)
  • South America - 6692 Recovered (18 minutes ago)
  • South America - 38 Deaths (18 minutes ago)
  • North America - 154 Recovered (18 minutes ago)
  • North America - 5 Deaths (18 minutes ago)
  • North America - 818 New Cases (18 minutes ago)
  • USA - 12 Recovered (24 minutes ago)
  • USA - 1 Deaths (24 minutes ago)
  • USA - 29 New Cases (24 minutes ago)
  • North America - 12 Recovered (24 minutes ago)
  • North America - 1 Deaths (24 minutes ago)
  • North America - 29 New Cases (24 minutes ago)

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Coronavirus statistics for Russia

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Russia 917884 5061 15617 119 729411 6447 172856 2300

COVID-19 Latest News for Russia:

1 hour ago
Work on Ebola and MERS helped Russia create Covid-19 vaccine in just 5 months – top official behind Sputnik V to RT
RT - Daily news

Valuable experience from working on vaccines for Ebola and MERS made it possible to roll out a drug against the novel coronavirus a lot quicker than many expected, the head of the research center behind Sputnik V told RT. Read Full Article at

1 hour ago
Moscow deaths from Covid-19 halved in July compared to previous month, down 68% on May – city health department
RT - Daily news

The number of coronavirus-related fatalities in Moscow fell by around half in July. The numbers reflect a nationwide trend in which the effects of the pandemic appear to be lessening across the world's largest country. Read Full Article at

5 hours ago
Russia starts production of Covid-19 vaccine – Health Ministry
RT - Daily news

Production of the Russian vaccine for Covid-19 has been launched, the Health Ministry says. It was dubbed ‘Sputnik V’ after the world’s first artificial satellite launched by the USSR but its official name is ‘Gam-COVID-Vak’. Read Full Article at

6 hours ago
Protest group StandUpX fights against ‘undemocratic’ Covid-19 measures, mixing real concerns with conspiracy theories
RT - Daily news

British protest group StandUpX is gaining in numbers. They mostly protest restrictive anti-Covid-19 measures, but members also oppose 5G and vaccines, among other things. The overarching belief is that democracy is under threat. Read Full Article at

17 hours ago
Spain bans OUTDOOR smoking and shuts nightclubs & discos as Covid-19 cases spike
RT - Daily news

Madrid has rolled out a new set of anti-coronavirus measures, shutting down some public venues and banning smoking in the street without social distancing. It comes as some 3,000 new cases of Covid-19 are being reported daily. Read Full Article at

18 hours ago
Trump says he HOPES Russian Sputnik V vaccine works, but US will soon roll out one too
RT - Daily news

President Donald Trump has expressed the hope that the world’s first registered Covid-19 vaccine from Russia will work, but he says the US could have its own ready very soon, after a lengthier trial process. Read Full Article at

23 hours ago
More than a third of Americans would not want a Covid-19 vaccine if offered – poll
RT - Daily news

According to a new poll, 35 percent of Americans will choose not to get vaccinated for the novel coronavirus when the option becomes available – and that number turns out to be similar along all major demographics. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
Is that why Trump calls it ‘fake news?’ Russia says CNN claim US refused vaccine help is false
RT - Daily news

The US did not reject Russia’s offer of cooperation in developing a coronavirus vaccine, according to a Moscow health official, who says help wasn’t even proffered, despite claims from CNN. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
Survey suggests half of Russian doctors will refuse to take rapidly created Covid-19 vaccine – developer says fears unfounded
RT - Daily news

Despite official claims that the world’s first coronavirus vaccine is completely safe, 52 percent of Russian doctors who responded to an online survey indicated that they’re not ready to take Sputnik V. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
British govt removes 1.3 MILLION covid-19 tests from official England figures due to alleged ‘double counting’
RT - Daily news

The British government has once again revised down figures relating to the coronavirus crisis, this time removing some 1.3m coronavirus tests from official data citing apparent “double-counting.” Read Full Article at

1 day ago
Rosy US unemployment numbers could suddenly become a lot darker next month, Rick Sanchez tells Boom Bust
RT - Daily news

The US has registered the lowest number of weekly initial jobless claims since mid-March. They have fallen below one million for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
UK strikes deals with J&J, Novavax to secure potential Covid-19 vaccines
RT - Daily news

Britain has sealed two more deals to secure Covid-19 vaccines, buying shots in development from Johnson & Johnson and Novavax, UK's vaccine task force chair has confirmed. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
New Zealand extends Auckland lockdown for 12 more days, sets up police checkpoints as Covid-19 continues to resurge
RT - Daily news

Health officials have asked the residents of Auckland to stay at home in their "bubble" as strict quarantine rules are extended following a cluster of Covid-19 infections in the city. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
‘Health risks far too great’: Iconic ‘Tribute in Light’ display to honor 9/11 victims ‘put out’ over CORONAVIRUS fears
RT - Daily news

Towering beams of light representing the Twin Towers will not be part of this year’s 9/11 commemoration, with event organizers saying that a highlight of the anniversary is now cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
‘Jobs will now be out sauced’: Huge Covid outbreak at sandwich factory sees Brits cracking dark puns
RT - Daily news

Some 300 workers have tested positive for coronavirus at a sandwich factory in Northampton. Despite the severity of the outbreak, many Britons have reacted to the situation with trademark dry humor. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
Megachurch sues California, challenging state over banning large religious services while allowing massive protests
RT - Daily news

A California church has sued the state, arguing it was hypocritical to restrict religious services because of the Covid-19 pandemic while allowing political gatherings, such as Black Lives Matters protests, to rumble on. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
‘Americans must have their freedoms’: Trump rejects Biden’s call for MASK MANDATE, says states should decide
RT - Daily news

President Donald Trump rejected his rival Joe Biden’s call for a nationwide face mask mandate, saying he trusted elected governors to make science-based decisions about the Covid-19 pandemic that best fit their states. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
Vote Democrat to wear a mask? Biden says Americans must mask up for AT LEAST 3 months as CDC warns of ‘worst fall ever’
RT - Daily news

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has urged all Americans to ‘mask up’ outdoors for the next three months - at the same time as health officials warned disobeying their Covid-19 orders will cause unprecedented suffering. Read Full Article at

1 day ago
Trump suggests he’s withholding post office funds to stop ‘universal mail-in voting’
RT - Daily news

Donald Trump is being accused of “trying to steal” the election after claiming talks with Democrats on Covid-19 economic relief was stalled when the president refused post office funding for “universal mail-in voting.” Read Full Article at

1 day ago
$600 billion: Despite Covid-19 crisis & falling oil prices, Russia’s gold & foreign exchange reserves reach all-time high
RT - Daily news

The value of Russia’s gold and foreign currency holdings has risen by almost $9 billion in a week. This means it’s sitting on $600 billion in forex reserves – an all-time record beating August 2008’s previous high of $598 billion. Read Full Article at

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