• Tajikistan - 51 Recovered (1 minute ago)
  • Tajikistan - 39 New Cases (1 minute ago)
  • Asia - 51 Recovered (1 minute ago)
  • Asia - 39 New Cases (1 minute ago)
  • Uganda - 88 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • Uganda - 1 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Uganda - 145 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • Serbia - 1 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Serbia - 512 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • Africa - 88 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • Africa - 1 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Africa - 145 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • Europe - 1 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Europe - 512 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • Iraq - 2876 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • Iraq - 52 Deaths (16 minutes ago)
  • Iraq - 3667 New Cases (16 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 2876 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 52 Deaths (16 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 3667 New Cases (16 minutes ago)
  • Sri Lanka - 44 Recovered (19 minutes ago)
  • Sri Lanka - 109 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 44 Recovered (19 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 109 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • Zambia - 130 Recovered (22 minutes ago)
  • Zambia - 18 New Cases (22 minutes ago)
  • El Salvador - 217 Recovered (22 minutes ago)
  • El Salvador - 145 New Cases (22 minutes ago)
  • USA - 477 Recovered (22 minutes ago)
  • USA - 16 Deaths (22 minutes ago)

COVID-19 statistics for Saudi Arabia

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Coronavirus statistics for Saudi Arabia

Country Total New Deaths Deaths today Recovered Active Critical Per Mil Pop
Saudi Arabia 343373 405 5235 18 329715 445 8423 804

COVID-19 Latest News for Saudi Arabia:

2 hours ago
Covid Spider

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2020 /⁨⁩/ -- Recently, all what families have been discussing is what guidelines and prevention to follow when schools open. The only Anatolian Propolis producer BEE & YOU provides the …

5 hours ago
Fintech Saudi launches Fintech Ecosystem Directory
Covid Spider

… thriving fintech ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, Fintech Saudi is launching the … for free on Fintech Saudi’s website, provides a … this year to support Saudi Arabia’s growing fintech industry. … In October, Fintech Saudi opened applications for Fintech …

15 hours ago
Jamal Khashoggi's Fiancee Sues Saudi Crown Prince Over Journalist's Killing
Covid Spider

… receive a fair trial in Saudi Arabia. She is seen here … receive a fair trial in Saudi Arabia. She is seen here … a belief that courts in Saudi Arabia or Turkey would not provide … for which the state of Saudi Arabia is responsible under international human …

1 day ago
Red Sea Development signs new Saudi partner
Covid Spider

The Red Sea Development Company has awarded a contract to the Helicopter Company in Riyadh for the provision and operation of an AW139 helicopter. The business will also provide crew and maintenance technicians, in addition to helicopter flight services …

1 day ago
Covid-19 Cases in Saudi Arabia Falls to 348
Covid Spider

Saudi Arabia recorded 20 more deaths from …

1 day ago
Hundreds of Indian workers demand unpaid wages from Saudi construction firm
Covid Spider

… by a construction company in Saudi Arabia due to the coronavirus pandemic … up with the company and Saudi officials this month, and that … response on the matter. The Saudi human resources ministry could not …

2 days ago
LamasaTech Launches Second Generation Sign-In Kiosk with Temperature Screening: The Zentron 8
Covid Spider

The Zentron 8 provides a seamless and safe sign-in experience for businesses, with a PCAP touchscreen, QR code scanning and quick sign-in with access cards. NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 19, 2020 /⁨⁩/ -- LamasaTech …

2 days ago
Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority issues new controls for cloud services
Covid Spider

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) has issued s cloud cybersecurity controls document. It aims to reinforce the reliability of cloud services by providing security against various threats and supporting continuity of services to users. The document …

2 days ago
How to Handle Job Insecurity During the COVID-19 Crisis
Covid Spider

  As the Covid-19 outbreak takes a toll on mental health globally, experts at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) shared some advice on how to cope with stress.   While the world has now come to terms with the pandemic situation, carrying forward with a …

2 days ago
Etihad Airways Launches Hebrew Website
Covid Spider

The move to provide services in Hebrew for Israeli customers came after the recent normalization agreement between the UAE and Israel that has seen the burgeoning of security, trade and political ties, including the opening of travel. Prior to the …

2 days ago
Family Slammed With a $12,000 Coronavirus Fine For Holding a Party
Covid Spider

A family of an 18-year-old boy hit with a £10,000 Covid fine for hosting a house party while his parents were away have refused to pay the penalty.     Police say they found between 80 to 100 people at the house party in Wiltshire, last month.  The boy …

2 days ago
After Eight Shot Dead: Iraqi PM Promises Locals They Will be Protected From Terror
Covid Spider

Iraq's prime minister on Sunday pledged to provide protection to local residents in the northern Saladin province, a day after the killing of eight civilians by gunmen.  "Our message to the people of Saladin is that the state will protect them,…

3 days ago
Brits Mock Downing Street's 'Sex Ban'
Covid Spider

Britons have mocked Downing Street's 'sex ban' after ministers insisted couples in coronavirus hotspots who do not live together must stick to social distancing rules if they meet up outside even if they are in long term relationships. One …

3 days ago
Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia reports 359 new Covid-...
Covid Spider

The Saudi Arabia health ministry on Saturday, October … - ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ? ???????? (@SaudiMOH) October 17, 2020 Twenty-one …

3 days ago
Putin and Saudi crown prince discuss OPEC+ agreements and coronavirus
Covid Spider

… Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman … Russian vaccine Sputnik V in Saudi Arabia.

4 days ago
Khloe Kardashian’s Daughter Feels 'Separation Anxiety'
Covid Spider

Khloe Kardashian’s daughter felt “separation anxiety” when Khloe went back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic. The 36-year-old reality star had spent months at home with her two-year-old daughter True during the height of the pandemic, and after …

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