• Turkey - 1581 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Turkey - 71 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Turkey - 2102 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 1581 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 71 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 2102 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • North Macedonia - 142 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • North Macedonia - 12 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • North Macedonia - 637 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 142 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 12 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 637 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Czechia - 513 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Czechia - 89 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Czechia - 7510 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 513 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 89 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 7510 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Brazil - 41 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Brazil - 2871 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • South America - 41 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • South America - 2871 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Palestine - 609 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Palestine - 8 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Palestine - 506 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 609 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 8 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 506 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Cuba - 57 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Cuba - 1 Deaths (1 year ago)

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COVID-19 Latest News for Slovenia:

1 year ago
Ljubljana Marathon cancelled due to coronavirus
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Ljubljana Marathon, due next weekend, was cancelled on Friday, as new coronavirus restrictions took effect in parts of Slovenia with the highest incidence of new cases, including Ljubljana.

1 year ago
MPs to pass new anti-coronacrisis legislation
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The National Assembly is expected to pass on Thursday the fifth package of anti-coronavirus legislation, extending several measures in place to mitigate the effects of the crisis brought on by the pandemic, and introducing additional ones. The appointment of the new agriculture minister...

1 year ago
Janša calls National Security Council session on Covid-19 and migration
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša called a session of the National Security Council for Friday afternoon after a record 387 people tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday. Apart from the coronavirus situation, the session, scheduled for 3pm, is also to discuss illegal migrations.

1 year ago
Sources: Slovenia backs German proposal to peg rule of law to EU budget
Slovenia Times

Brussels - EU members backed a proposal tabled by the German EU presidency to peg respect for the rule of law to the union's funds, which should enable the start of talks on the over EUR 1.8 trillion budget and coronavirus recovery package with the European Parliament. Unofficial information suggests...

1 year ago
New, Covid-dominated academic year starting for over 60,000 students
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Students are returning to faculties for in-person lectures as the new academic year starts on 1 October against the backdrop of strict anti-coronavirus measures. While professors are happy to see students back in lecture halls, they are utterly unhappy with having to wear face masks while...

1 year ago
Report critical of Slovenia limiting freedoms during pandemic
Slovenia Times

Brussels/Berlin - Slovenia is among the worst offenders in the EU to have disproportionately restricted freedoms during Covid-19 pandemic, says a report by Greenpeace and Civil Liberties Union for Europe which looks at how government measures around the EU have impacted on democracy and activism.

1 year ago
Cankarjev Dom planning all key segments and festivals despite coronavirus
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - V Cankarjev Dom, Slovenia's biggest arts and culture centre, presented its new season on Tuesday, dubbed Tete-a-Tete, which is also the subtitle of a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition opening on 22 September. Cankarjev Dom head Uršula Cetinski said conditions will be tougher, but all key...

1 year ago
Škofja Loka Passion to be staged at Kranj theatre
Slovenia Times

Kranj - The Škofja Loka Passion, an early 18th-century play, is expected to be put on stage at the Prešeren Theatre in Kranj on Thursday, directed by award-winning director Jernej Lorenci. The 300-year-old play, the oldest preserved Slovenian play, was to be staged in March but the event was cancelled...

1 year ago
Rise of precarious work forms continues, pandemic not helping
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Slovenia has for years now been witnessing a rise of precarious forms of labour, which mostly exclude the right to paid sick leave, holiday, lunch and transport allowances. The Covid-19 pandemic has only made the situation worse and while NGOs, calling for systemic changes, are pessimistic...

1 year ago
BSF as introduction to debates on future of the EU
Slovenia Times

Bled - The 15th Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) boasted the most high-profile turnout in its 15-year history despite the coronavirus pandemic. Two presidents, seven prime ministers, six foreign ministers and many others attended in person, plus a number of high-profile panellists remotely. The debates focused...

1 year ago
EU's future, regional cooperation in focus of Bled Strategic Forum
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The 15th Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) will be very different from previous iterations of Slovenia's flagship foreign policy event. Restrictions will be in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and some panels will be held online. But Peter Grk, the BSF secretary general, notes that...

1 year ago
cargo-partner Expands LCL Services from Asia to Eu via Koper
Slovenia Times

The international transport and info-logistics provider has strengthened its LCL service offering with further connections now from India, Thailand and Vietnam via Koper to Europe. Transport via the Mediterranean port of Koper allows for significant time savings for shipments to Southern Europe compared...

1 year ago
Slovenian property market still recovering from coronavirus
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - As soon as the strict coronavirus measures were relaxed at the end of April the property market picked up, yet there are still fewer transactions than before the epidemic. Demand still exceeds supply, keeping average prices high, partly because of the many deals in Ljubljana, where prices...

1 year ago
Museum project creating mosaic of life during pandemic
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Not long after the start of coronavirus lockdown in Slovenia, the Ljubljana City Museum launched a project to gather insights into the life in the capital during the pandemic by collecting the minutiae of everyday life; photographs, recordings and impressions. Since life has not yet returned...

1 year ago
COVID-19 Macroeconomic Update: The Global Recession Is Here And Now
Slovenia Times

- The initial data from China suggests that its economy was hit far harder than projected, though a tentative stabilization has begun. Europe and the U.S. are following a similar path, as increasing restrictions on person-to-person contacts presage a demand collapse that will take activity sharply lower...

1 year ago
Slovenia, keep supporting the economy until growth is fully restored, says OECD
Slovenia Times

After five years of robust growth that lifted employment, wages and well-being, Slovenia’s economy has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Further support to businesses and households may be needed to reinforce the recovery and avoid lasting scars, particularly given the underlying pressures of...

1 year ago
Sun and Rain that shape Ana Roš – and shape our lives
Slovenia Times

»The rain and the sun are one of the few reasons for our smile and for our tears.« That was the working opening line for Ana Roš' debut book that came out in March, almost exactly to the day when Slovenia and the world went into coronavirus lockdown.

1 year ago
“Coronavirus poses a much greater threat to the economy than the 2008 financial crisis”
Slovenia Times

Jože P Damijan is a full professor at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, and a visiting professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium. His research interests and teaching cover international economics and trade policy, globalisation, FDI, innovation, firm performance, labour...

1 year ago
Care homes say no systemic solutions after 1st Covid-19 wave
Slovenia Times

Vipava - Responding to the coronavirus outbreak at the Vipava care home, the first such case after care home bore the brunt of Covid-19 deaths in Slovenia in the first wave of the pandemic, the Association of Welfare Institutions (SSZS) said no systemic measures had been put in place that would allow...

1 year ago
Slovenia's largest tennis tournament cancelled
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - ATP Zavarovalnica Sava Slovenia Open, the largest tennis tournament in Slovenia, which had been scheduled to take place in Portorož between 17 and 23 August, has been cancelled due to the situation related to the coronavirus pandemic

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