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Slovenia 2190 9 123 1 1854 23 213 2

COVID-19 Latest News for Slovenia:

2 weeks ago
Slovenia, keep supporting the economy until growth is fully restored, says OECD
Slovenia Times

After five years of robust growth that lifted employment, wages and well-being, Slovenia’s economy has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Further support to businesses and households may be needed to reinforce the recovery and avoid lasting scars, particularly given the underlying pressures of...

2 weeks ago
Sun and Rain that shape Ana Roš – and shape our lives
Slovenia Times

»The rain and the sun are one of the few reasons for our smile and for our tears.« That was the working opening line for Ana Roš' debut book that came out in March, almost exactly to the day when Slovenia and the world went into coronavirus lockdown.

2 weeks ago
“Coronavirus poses a much greater threat to the economy than the 2008 financial crisis”
Slovenia Times

Jože P Damijan is a full professor at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, and a visiting professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium. His research interests and teaching cover international economics and trade policy, globalisation, FDI, innovation, firm performance, labour...

3 weeks ago
Care homes say no systemic solutions after 1st Covid-19 wave
Slovenia Times

Vipava - Responding to the coronavirus outbreak at the Vipava care home, the first such case after care home bore the brunt of Covid-19 deaths in Slovenia in the first wave of the pandemic, the Association of Welfare Institutions (SSZS) said no systemic measures had been put in place that would allow...

3 weeks ago
Slovenia's largest tennis tournament cancelled
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - ATP Zavarovalnica Sava Slovenia Open, the largest tennis tournament in Slovenia, which had been scheduled to take place in Portorož between 17 and 23 August, has been cancelled due to the situation related to the coronavirus pandemic

4 weeks ago
Three countries removed from green list as measure to contain Covid-19
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The government confirmed at Friday's correspondence session that as of 4 July, Croatia, Czechia and France are removed from the green list of Covid-19 safe countries and placed on the yellow one, whereas Belgium and the Netherlands will be moved to the green list. It also decided to serve...

1 month ago
Slovenia keeps Croatia on list of Covid-19 safe countries
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Contrary to previous announcements, Slovenia has decided not to delist Croatia as a Covid-19 safe country based on new assessments and steps taken by the country.

1 month ago
Slovenia expanding list of Covid-19 risky countries
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The government is removing Montenegro and Luxembourg from the list of Covid-19-safe countries from which arrivals face no restrictions, while adding Albania and Portugal to the list of countries from where entry into Slovenia entails a mandatory two-week quarantine.

1 month ago
Govt extending furlough scheme, creates legal basis for contact tracing app
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Adopting changes to the third stimulus package, the government extended the furlough scheme on Wednesday at least until the end of July. The amendments, which need to be endorsed by parliament, also set up the basis for introducing a Covid-19 tracking app and ensure that the government again...

1 month ago
The A to Z of tourism vouchers
Slovenia Times

As of Friday, Slovenian residents will be able to use free vouchers for tourism facilities around the country, in what is a government-sponsored measure to help the sector recover from the coronavirus epidemic. Each adult will have EUR 200 and each minor EUR 50 at their disposal to spend until the end...

1 month ago
Open Kitchen spicing up life in the capital
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The first outdoor food market Open Kitchen of this season will take place in Ljubljana on Thursday. Foodies can look forward to as much as 40 stalls, featuring traditional Slovenian food as well as foreign culinary influences. Anti-Covid-19 measures will be put in place to ensure visitors...

1 month ago
Vouchers could make tourism more friendly to Slovenian tourists, paper says
Slovenia Times

Koper - Foreigners usually present three quarters of all tourists in Slovenia, so Slovenian tourists cannot save the tourism season, they can only help mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus, Primorske Novice says on Wednesday, adding that tourism vouchers will be one of the more pleasant sides...

2 months ago
‘The aim is to find the monoclonal’: the hunt for the antibody to treat Covid-19
Slovenia Times

Antibodies are the sentinels in our blood. Quietly waiting for their target, these proteins are created to recognise harmful invaders and latch onto them with a deathly grip.

2 months ago
Over EUR 6bn pledged for anti-coronavirus measures
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The government has planned measures worth over EUR 6 billion as part of three stimulus packages to mitigate the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic. The first two laws, passed in April, focussed on providing urgent aid to business and households and on providing liquidity to companies...

2 months ago
Coronavirus epidemic in numbers
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia will have officially lasted 80 days, from 12 March to 31 May. It has had an unprecedented impact on society and economy, as evident from key indicators measuring the pulse of society.

2 months ago
Third stimulus package, explained
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - The third emergency law designed to mitigate the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic is worth approximately EUR 1 billion and the government would like it to take effect on 1 June. Most of the funds will subsidise short-time work and roughly a third of the money is for tourist vouchers...

2 months ago
Top football league to resume on 5 June
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - After being halted in mid-March due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Slovenian national football championship will resume on 5 June, the Slovenian Football Association (NZS) announced on Tuesday.

2 months ago
Drive-in cinema kicks off in Ljubljana
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Ljubljana is about to get a drive-in cinema which will follow all safety precautions required due to coronavirus concerns. The first film, Bad Boys for Life, will be shown on Friday evening in the Vič district. Meanwhile, the Bežigrad cinema will launch its own drive-in programme on 21...

2 months ago
Third stimulus bill brings EUR 1bn in part-time work subsidies
Slovenia Times

Ljubljana - Subsidies worth between EUR 0.5-1 billion to help employers cover pay checks of workers working part-time will be the centrepiece of a third legislative package in Slovenia aiming to help businesses and people overcome the coronavirus crisis, the relevant minister announced on Friday.

3 months ago
Slovenia qualify for World Men's Handball Championship
Slovenia Times

The Slovenian men's handball team has qualified for the World Championship in 2021 by virtue of placing fourth at this year's European Championship as the qualifiers for the tournament have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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