• Turkey - 1581 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Turkey - 71 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Turkey - 2102 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Asia - 1581 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Asia - 71 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Asia - 2102 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • North Macedonia - 142 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • North Macedonia - 12 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • North Macedonia - 637 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Europe - 142 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Europe - 12 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Europe - 637 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Czechia - 513 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Czechia - 89 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Czechia - 7510 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Europe - 513 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Europe - 89 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Europe - 7510 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Brazil - 41 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Brazil - 2871 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • South America - 41 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • South America - 2871 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Palestine - 609 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Palestine - 8 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Palestine - 506 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Asia - 609 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Asia - 8 Deaths (5 months ago)
  • Asia - 506 New Cases (5 months ago)
  • Cuba - 57 Recovered (5 months ago)
  • Cuba - 1 Deaths (5 months ago)

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Coronavirus statistics for Somalia

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Somalia 3897 7 102 1 3166 0 629

COVID-19 Latest News for Somalia:

1 day ago
EU removes Canadians from list of approved travellers because of COVID-19
Hiiraan Online

European Union officials are moving to halt Canadians from travelling to the bloc of European countries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

3 days ago
Somali schoolgirl’s Corona fears at school without precautions
Hiiraan Online

Schools in Puntland and in other parts of Somalia reopened August and September following a relaxation of lockdown measures imposed to curb the spread of Coronavirus. The return to education was widely welcomed. But with COVID19 cases creeping up again, many are sharing their concerns now over the lack...

6 days ago
Refugee women in Africa say domestic violence rose during pandemic
Hiiraan Online

NAIROBI, Oct 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 70% of displaced and refugee women in Africa have seen a rise in domestic violence in their communities during the coronavirus pandemic, a survey published on Thursday found.

1 week ago
COVID-19 is real despite downward trend
Hiiraan Online

Since the first COVID-19 positive case was reported in Somalia, health facilities in the country have responded to the pandemic by providing medical care to those seriously ill,

1 week ago
Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for coronavirus
Hiiraan Online

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for the coronavirus, the Portuguese Football Federation announced Tuesday.

1 week ago
World Food Program wins Nobel Peace Prize for hunger fight
Hiiraan Online

NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — The World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for fighting hunger and seeking to end its use as “a weapon of war and conflict” at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has driven millions more people to the brink of starvation.

1 week ago
EU Parliament condemns human rights abuses in Saudi migrant camps after Telegraph investigation
Hiiraan Online

The European Parliament has strongly condemned Saudi Arabia for holding tens of thousands of African migrants in slave-like Covid detention camps after The Telegraph exposed horrific conditions.

2 weeks ago
COVID-19 vaccine trials put on hold after more than 1,000 Minnesota patients already enrolled
Hiiraan Online

Minneapolis (HOL) - A Minnesota health care provider has suspended a COVID-19 vaccine after it has been reported that recipient's during the trial had severe side effects.

2 weeks ago
Qatar renews support for Somalia to build state of institutions, rule of law
Hiiraan Online

Geneva: The State of Qatar has renewed its support for brotherly Somalia and its continuation to provide the necessary support to contribute to building a state of institutions and the rule of law,

2 weeks ago
Al-Shabaab Targets Kenyan Youths for Recruitment
Hiiraan Online

After the Covid-19 pandemic closed Kenya’s schools in March, Aden Jamal and his brother Abdullah Ahmed were excited to be home with their parents. They couldn’t have known a family friend, Juma Karim, had other plans for them.

2 weeks ago
Exclusive: 'We would not accept US drone strikes inside Kenya,' warns President Kenyatta
Hiiraan Online

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta warned that it was too early to say the worst was over regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

2 weeks ago
U.S. President Donald Trump, Melania Trump test positive for COVID-19
Hiiraan Online

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the coronavirus, he said Friday. The positive test comes a month until the election and after the president has spent the year largely downplaying the threat of the virus.

2 weeks ago
Abdi Mohamed’s relentless attack at right-back spares none
Hiiraan Online

With the current era of soccer, you need your full-backs to provide some attacking prowess while also being responsible defensively to have a lot of success. For Greenville Triumph SC’s Abdi Mohamed, he’s made his name on that ability to get forward and lock things down at the other end. I

2 weeks ago
Facebook removes 216 Trump campaign ads about Biden, refugees and COVID-19
Hiiraan Online

Facebook removed 216 ads from President Trump’s 2020 campaign that made claims about Joe Biden, refugees and the coronavirus, claiming the ads violate the company’s policies,

3 weeks ago
Reopening schools in NEP daunting task
Hiiraan Online

A task force appointed by Education CS George Magoha has proposed phased reopening of schools, which were closed following the Covid-19 pandemic.

3 weeks ago
Reopening schools in NEP daunting task
Hiiraan Online

A task force appointed by Education CS George Magoha has proposed phased reopening of schools, which were closed following the Covid-19 pandemic.

3 weeks ago
'You're the worst president America has ever had': Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash in chaotic debate
Hiiraan Online

CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden battled fiercely over Trump’s leadership on the coronavirus pandemic, the economy and the integrity of November’s election in a chaotic first debate on Tuesday marked by personal insults, name calling and Trump...

3 weeks ago
Worldwide death toll from coronavirus eclipses 1 million
Hiiraan Online

NEW DELHI (AP) — The worldwide death toll from the coronavirus has eclipsed 1 million, nine months into a crisis that has devastated the global economy, tested world leaders’ resolve, pitted science against politics and forced multitudes to change the way they live, learn and work.

3 weeks ago
Somalia lauds Turkish support to young inventor
Hiiraan Online

Guled Abdi, 17, invited to Teknofest; will be provided scholarship for further education in Turkey

3 weeks ago
Global coronavirus deaths hit one million
Hiiraan Online

The number of deaths from coronavirus globally has crossed the million threshold, with more than 1,000,502 deaths recorded as of Sunday evening, according to

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