• Uzbekistan - 1 Deaths (1 minute ago)
  • Asia - 1 Deaths (1 minute ago)
  • Lebanon - 3 Recovered (4 minutes ago)
  • Lebanon - 1 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • Lebanon - 29 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • USA - 5 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • USA - 996 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 3 Recovered (4 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 1 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 29 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • North America - 5 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • North America - 996 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • Serbia - 92 Recovered (7 minutes ago)
  • Serbia - 1 Deaths (7 minutes ago)
  • Serbia - 31 New Cases (7 minutes ago)
  • Europe - 92 Recovered (7 minutes ago)
  • Europe - 1 Deaths (7 minutes ago)
  • Europe - 31 New Cases (7 minutes ago)
  • Philippines - 101 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • Philippines - 7 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Philippines - 862 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 101 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 7 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 862 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • India - 80 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 80 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • India - 18 New Cases (25 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 18 New Cases (25 minutes ago)
  • USA - 123 Recovered (28 minutes ago)
  • North America - 123 Recovered (28 minutes ago)

COVID-19 statistics for Somalia

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Coronavirus statistics for Somalia

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Somalia 1916 0 73 0 327 1516 2 121

COVID-19 Latest News for Somalia:

20 hours ago
Coronavirus: 99% confident that COVID-19 vaccine will work, says Chinese firm
Hiiraan Online

Chinese scientists working on a COVID-19 vaccine have told Sky News they are "99%" sure it will be effective.

2 days ago
How Turkey took control of Covid-19 emergency
Hiiraan Online

Covid-19 came late to Turkey - on 11 March - but soon singed every corner of the country. Within a month all 81 provinces had been affected.

3 days ago
It’s Official: 100,000 Are Dead of Covid-19 in America, and Their Blood Is on Trump’s Hands
Hiiraan Online

IT’S OFFICIAL: Donald Trump now has the blood of 100,000 people on his tiny hands.

4 days ago
Two Somali nationals escape from quarantine in Masindi
Hiiraan Online

Health officials in Masindi district are hunting for two Somali nationals who escaped from Masindi hospital Covid-19 quarantine centre.

4 days ago
Hassan Nor, Somali elder and artist whose work depicted pre-war Somalia, dies of COVID
Hiiraan Online

Hassan Nor, a Somali elder and self-taught artist known for his intricate drawings layered with stories, characters, and aspects of cultural life from pre-civil war Somalia, died May 19 after contracting the coronavirus. He was 83.

1 week ago
Kenya lockdown measures taking toll on Eid festivities
Hiiraan Online

The coronavirus pandemic is limiting Eid holiday festivities around the world. Muslims in the Eastleigh neighbourhood of the capital Nairobi will be among the millions celebrating under lockdown.

1 week ago
Virus cases drop to zero in China but surge in Latin America
Hiiraan Online

New coronavirus cases dropped to zero in China for the first time Saturday but overwhelmed hospitals across Latin America – both in countries lax about lockdowns and those lauded for firm, early confinement. The virus hit a reopened church in Germany and possibly a restaurant, too.

1 week ago
Hertz files for bankruptcy
Hiiraan Online

New York - Hertz filed for bankruptcy Friday night, the latest victim of the sudden economic downturn sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

1 week ago
East Africa facing ‘triple threat’ from coronavirus, locusts and flooding, Red Cross warns
Hiiraan Online

The effect of 3 different dilemmas impacting swathes of east Africa at the exact same time has actually left numerous hundreds of individuals in danger of cravings and health issues, help employees running in the area have actually alerted.

1 week ago
70% of Dubai companies expect to go out of business within six months due to coronavirus pandemic, survey says
Hiiraan Online

A staggering 70% of businesses in Dubai expect to close their doors within the next six months as the coronavirus pandemic and global lockdowns ravage demand, a survey by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce revealed Thursday.

1 week ago
Palestinian Authority rejects UAE coronavirus aid delivered via Israel
Hiiraan Online

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has rejected coronavirus aid sent via an Emirati flight to Israel on Tuesday, saying that aid must be sent in coordination with the Palestinian leadership and not with Israel.

1 week ago
Erdoğan, Japanese PM open Istanbul's biggest hospital amid pandemic
Hiiraan Online

What was expected to be a splendid ceremony turned into a low-key event due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Başakşehir Çam (Pine) and Sakura City hospital, Istanbul's largest, was formally opened Thursday.

1 week ago
Pandemic running 'undetected and uncontrolled' through crisis-hit countries
Hiiraan Online

A lack of testing in crisis-hit countries across the globe raises the dangerous prospect that the coronavirus pandemic is running "undetected and potentially uncontrolled" there, David Miliband has warned.

1 week ago
Taxi driver dies from coronavirus after being spat at in row over £9 fare
Hiiraan Online

A taxi driver died with Covid-19 after being spat at by a fare-dodger refusing to pay for his £9 journey, according to a family friend.

1 week ago
Virus reaches Dadaab, raising 'serious concerns' for refugees' health
Hiiraan Online

Two residents of the Dadaab complex have tested positive for Covid-19, the United Nations refugee agency has announced.

1 week ago
COVID-19 poses enormous challenges for Somalia: UN envoy
Hiiraan Online

The coronavirus poses enormous challenges for Somalia, where the humanitarian situation is already dire, said the top UN envoy for the country on Thursday.

1 week ago
Somalia confirms 71 new COVID-19 cases as tally rises to 1,573
Hiiraan Online

MOGADISHU (Xinhua) -- Somali Health Ministry on Wednesday confirmed 71 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total tally of infections to 1,573.

1 week ago
Coronavirus: One hospital for 15 million in ‘worst prepared’ country in the world
Hiiraan Online

With only one dedicated COVID-19 hospital for 15 million people, Somalia is bracing for a catastrophic coronavirus outbreak, doctors warn.

1 week ago
Somalia's COVID-19 cases soar to 1,502 after 47 tested positive
Hiiraan Online

MOGADISHU, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Somali Health Ministry on Tuesday confirmed 47 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total tally of infections to 1,502.

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