• USA - 755 Recovered (1 minute ago)
  • North America - 755 Recovered (1 minute ago)
  • USA - 41 Recovered (4 minutes ago)
  • USA - 53 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • North America - 41 Recovered (4 minutes ago)
  • North America - 53 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • Uzbekistan - 213 Recovered (7 minutes ago)
  • Uzbekistan - 2 Deaths (7 minutes ago)
  • Uzbekistan - 243 New Cases (7 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 213 Recovered (7 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 2 Deaths (7 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 243 New Cases (7 minutes ago)
  • USA - 364 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • USA - 1 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • USA - 647 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • North America - 364 Recovered (10 minutes ago)
  • North America - 1 Deaths (10 minutes ago)
  • North America - 647 New Cases (10 minutes ago)
  • USA - 20 Deaths (13 minutes ago)
  • North America - 20 Deaths (13 minutes ago)
  • USA - 21 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • USA - 48 New Cases (16 minutes ago)
  • North America - 21 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • North America - 48 New Cases (16 minutes ago)
  • USA - 395 Recovered (19 minutes ago)
  • USA - 18 Deaths (19 minutes ago)
  • USA - 851 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • North America - 395 Recovered (19 minutes ago)
  • North America - 18 Deaths (19 minutes ago)
  • North America - 851 New Cases (19 minutes ago)

COVID-19 statistics for Spain

Total Cases



New Cases


Total Deaths



Total Recovered



Active Cases



Critical Cases



Last update: 107 seconds ago

CoronaVirus charts for Spain


Currently Infected

Daily Cases

Daily Deaths


New Recoveries

Coronavirus statistics for Spain

Country Total New Deaths Deaths today Recovered Active Critical Per Mil Pop
Spain 349894 5760 28498 26 0 0 0 617

Area/City specific statistics for Spain*

*note: 0 deaths on all fields means we have limited data

Area/City Total Deaths
Comunitat Valenciana 10692 5388
Castilla La Mancha 6424 296
País Vasco/Euskadi 6320 1796
Castilla y León 6211 1028
Cataluña/Catalunya 5823 83079
Comunitat Valenciana 5508 200
Aragón 3939 17837
Rioja (La) 3839 1937
Madrid 2920 77918
Rioja (La) 1810 496
País Vasco/Euskadi 1084 16750
Andalucía 1074 15839
Com. Valenciana 914 13974
Castilla y León 554 20484
Castilla y León 490 20643
Navarra 414 6936
Murcia 323 2504
Castilla La Mancha 279 18957
Baleares 271 2739
Galicia 196 9845
Extremadura 134 3454
Cantabria 119 2597
Asturias 90 2558
Canarias 82 2695
La Rioja 26 4213
Melilla 11 140
España 11 249271
Ceuta 2 166
0 0

COVID-19 Latest News for Spain:

1 day ago
Spain reports nearly 1,000 new daily Covid-19 cases
El Pais

As the country grapples with a surge in infections, authorities have requested financial assistance from a EU loan program to soften the effects of coronavirus on employment

1 day ago
Why does Italy have fewer new Covid-19 cases than Spain?
El Pais

Since the Italian government eased lockdown restrictions, the country has been reporting an average of 200 daily infections, while Spanish authorities are recording more than 1,500

1 day ago
Coronavirus cases in Spain jump eightfold since end of state of alarm
El Pais

In the 40 days since the emergency measure was lifted, the number of new infections has risen from 334 to 2,789

1 day ago
Coronavirus patient, 28, in Spain’s ICU: ‘I wasn’t careful. I was walking around without a mask’
El Pais

Vanessa Martínez did not think she was at risk of Covid-19; now she is having to relearn how to walk and brush her hair after spending 69 days in intensive care

4 days ago
The real Covid-19 death toll in Spain: at least 44,868 victims
El Pais

EL PAÍS used regional records and reports from three different agencies to arrive at a figure that is much higher than the official one of 28,432

4 days ago
Covid-19 hospital beds and abortion
El Pais

The image of a hospital bed occupied by a woman recovering from an unsafe abortion might help people with little imagination view reproductive rights from a new angle

4 days ago
Spanish health authorities warn about ‘acute’ Covid-19 cases among youths
El Pais

According to the latest figures, 1,229 coronavirus infections were detected in 24 hours, while the number of outbreaks has risen to 483

4 days ago
Spain’s economy posts historic 18.5% quarterly fall due to coronavirus lockdown
El Pais

New data shows that output has fallen to levels not seen since the late 19th and early 20th centuries

5 days ago
Catalan government eases coronavirus restrictions in Barcelona and Lleida
El Pais

Gyms and cinemas may reopen in both areas, while strict confinement in Segriá area will be lifted

5 days ago
Spain records 1,153 daily coronavirus cases, the highest figure since May 1
El Pais

According to the latest data from the Spanish Health Ministry, the number of new infections is back to where it was when Spaniards were confined to their homes

5 days ago
Spain’s Covid-19 contact tracers: ‘All our energy is being put into containing the coronavirus’
El Pais

EL PAÍS spoke with the professionals working around the clock to help curb transmission of the deadly disease

6 days ago
Spain’s PM asks for spirit of consensus to aid recovery
El Pais

Pedro Sánchez gave Congress details of the recent EU coronavirus fund deal and urged the opposition to be open to similar agreements back home

6 days ago
New discovery fills gap in Atapuerca’s history of human evolution
El Pais

Two stone tools found in the world-famous archeological site in northern Spain provide answers about its early inhabitants

1 week ago
Madrid to make face masks mandatory in all public spaces
El Pais

The regional leader also wants to introduce an experimental 'Covid-19 passport' to prove immunity

1 week ago
Spain reports over one million job losses during coronavirus crisis
El Pais

A quarterly fall of this scale was not even recorded during the worst months of the 2008 global recession

1 week ago
Catalan leader warns of stricter measures if coronavirus continues to surge
El Pais

Quim Torra has appealed to the public to act responsibility to help curb contagion, which he says has reached a “critical situation”

1 week ago
Rising number of coronavirus cases in Spain sparks concern in Europe
El Pais

Quarantine measures and travel warnings have been introduced against the country, which now has the fifth-highest incidence of Covid-19 on the continent

1 week ago
Selling jewelry: the last resort of cash-strapped Spaniards
El Pais

The coronavirus crisis has forced customers back to cash-for-gold stores at a time when the precious metal has hit a price of $1,800 an ounce, the highest since 2012

1 week ago
Britain reimposes 14-day quarantine for travelers returning from Spain
El Pais

The measure, which will come into effect on midnight Saturday, comes in response to the rising number of coronavirus cases in Spanish regions such as Catalonia and Aragón

1 week ago
Coronavirus crisis in Spain: data from 10 regions shows rise in cases and hospital admissions
El Pais

After a months-long downward trend, the country is now reporting more than 1,000 new infections a day, while outbreaks have been detected across the territory

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