• Norway - 3 New Cases (1 minute ago)
  • Europe - 3 New Cases (1 minute ago)
  • Germany - 1 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • Germany - 6 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • India - 206 Recovered (4 minutes ago)
  • India - 8 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • India - 371 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 206 Recovered (4 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 8 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 371 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • Europe - 1 Deaths (4 minutes ago)
  • Europe - 6 New Cases (4 minutes ago)
  • Azerbaijan - 101 Recovered (13 minutes ago)
  • Azerbaijan - 2 Deaths (13 minutes ago)
  • Azerbaijan - 248 New Cases (13 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 101 Recovered (13 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 2 Deaths (13 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 248 New Cases (13 minutes ago)
  • Oman - 3 Deaths (16 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 3 Deaths (16 minutes ago)
  • Lebanon - 1 Recovered (19 minutes ago)
  • Sri Lanka - 2 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • India - 404 Recovered (19 minutes ago)
  • India - 57 Deaths (19 minutes ago)
  • India - 1356 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 405 Recovered (19 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 57 Deaths (19 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 1358 New Cases (19 minutes ago)
  • USA - 31 Deaths (22 minutes ago)
  • USA - 578 New Cases (22 minutes ago)

COVID-19 statistics for Spain

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New Cases


Total Deaths



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Active Cases



Critical Cases



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CoronaVirus charts for Spain


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Coronavirus statistics for Spain

Country Total New Deaths Deaths today Recovered Active Critical Per Mil Pop
Spain 286308 0 27125 0 196958 62225 617 6124

Area/City specific statistics for Spain*

*note: 0 deaths on all fields means we have limited data

Area/City Total Deaths
Comunitat Valenciana 10692 5388
Castilla La Mancha 6424 296
País Vasco/Euskadi 6320 1796
Castilla y León 6211 1028
Comunitat Valenciana 5508 200
Rioja (La) 3839 1937
Madrid 3544 68740
Cataluña/Catalunya 2984 59003
Rioja (La) 1810 496
Andalucía 772 12668
Com. Valenciana 735 11199
Castilla La Mancha 650 17184
País Vasco/Euskadi 574 13506
Castilla y León 548 18804
Galicia 329 9120
Aragón 267 5680
Canarias 180 2343
Baleares 165 2137
Navarra 135 5247
Asturias 122 2421
Murcia 112 1597
Extremadura 110 2964
La Rioja 91 4051
Cantabria 79 2298
Ceuta 4 145
Melilla 3 121
0 0

COVID-19 Latest News for Spain:

20 hours ago
New coronavirus infections rise in Spain, with 271 detected in the last 24 hours
El Pais

The Health Ministry today reported that there had been 43 Covid-19-related deaths in the last week, bringing total official fatalities to 27,125

23 hours ago
Belgium’s Prince Joachim tests positive for coronavirus after attending party in Spain
El Pais

The police are investigating a gathering of 26 people in the Andalusian city of Córdoba, at which King Philippe’s nephew was present

1 day ago
Parties are mostly to blame for new outbreaks of coronavirus in Spain
El Pais

A number of social gatherings have put the health authorities on alert, while in Lleida a celebration has actually caused the healthcare area to remain in Phase 1 of the deescalation plan

1 day ago
Spanish Health Ministry reports 39 coronavirus-related deaths in last week
El Pais

Official figures put the overall death toll at 27,121, but the government is currently revising the historical series to “guarantee the quality of the information”

1 day ago
Could fresh air help ward off coronavirus infections?
El Pais

Epidemiologists say the risk of transmission is much lower in open spaces, and warn of a new outbreak in autumn, when people are likely to spend more time indoors

2 days ago
Spain records single coronavirus death in 24-hour period
El Pais

Despite the drop, the Madrid region is preparing for the possibility of new outbreaks as the country scales down confinement measures

2 days ago
Ignacio Galán: ‘If we accelerate clean energy, we could create 300,000 jobs now’
El Pais

EL PAÍS has started a series of interviews with the leaders of Spain’s biggest companies. The second installment is with the chairman of the energy giant Iberdrola. These directors describe their experience of the coronavirus health crisis and confinement, offer a diagnosis of the economic outlook...

2 days ago
70% of Spain will be in Phase 2 of coronavirus deescalation plan by Monday, government announces
El Pais

The entire region of Valencia will enter this stage, while four islands have been given the green light to move to Phase 3

3 days ago
Spain’s excess deaths during coronavirus crisis reach 43,000
El Pais

New figures sent in by civil registries show an additional 12,000 fatalities in Catalonia, the Madrid region and Castilla-La Mancha

3 days ago
Three in four new coronavirus cases diagnosed in Madrid and Catalonia
El Pais

The Spanish Health Ministry recorded 39 coronavirus-related fatalities over the past seven days, bringing the official number of victims to 27,118

3 days ago
Spain could get €140 billion from EU’s Covid-19 recovery plan
El Pais

If approved, the Spanish economy would be the second top beneficiary of the historic program after Italy

4 days ago
Coronavirus death toll in Spain rises by 283, but only 35 fatalities recorded last week
El Pais

A change in the reporting method has led to several revisions of the official figures and broken the historical series on the evolution of the outbreak

4 days ago
Spain’s proposal for travel corridors could allow international tourists to visit before July 1
El Pais

The measure would provide relief to the Spanish regions most dependent on tourism, such as the Canaries and the Balearic Islands

4 days ago
Spain releases €30.5 billion to relieve strained social security system
El Pais

This is the second time that the government has allocated money to make up for the drop in contributions caused by the coronavirus crisis

4 days ago
Spain deescalating coronavirus measures without testing all suspected cases
El Pais

According to Health Ministry reports, most of the country moved to Phase 1 even though the primary healthcare services could test less than half of possible Covid-19 patients

5 days ago
Spanish Civil Guard official sacked over Covid-19 report
El Pais

Interior Ministry denies the move is connected with a court investigation into the government’s authorization of large public events just days ahead of the coronavirus lockdown

5 days ago
Spanish Health Ministry lowers coronavirus death toll by nearly 2,000
El Pais

The discrepancy has been attributed to the elimination of duplicate records and the fact that regions had reported suspected Covid-19 fatalities as confirmed cases

6 days ago
Spain will lift two-week coronavirus quarantine for overseas arrivals from July 1
El Pais

Foreign Minister Arancha González says via Twitter that “the hardest part is behind us,” and that “health conditions will be guaranteed” for visitors

6 days ago
Spain welcomes new stages of coronavirus deescalation plan
El Pais

Sidewalk cafes reopened in Madrid and Barcelona on Monday, while schools in Basque cities saw the return of some of their students

6 days ago
New coronavirus outbreaks in Spain inevitable, warn experts
El Pais

As the country gradually eases confinement measures, epidemiologists say a spike in infections is likely and that more vigilance and testing are needed

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