• Turkey - 1581 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Turkey - 71 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Turkey - 2102 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 1581 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 71 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 2102 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • North Macedonia - 142 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • North Macedonia - 12 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • North Macedonia - 637 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 142 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 12 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 637 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Czechia - 513 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Czechia - 89 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Czechia - 7510 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 513 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 89 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Europe - 7510 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Brazil - 41 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Brazil - 2871 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • South America - 41 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • South America - 2871 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Palestine - 609 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Palestine - 8 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Palestine - 506 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 609 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 8 Deaths (1 year ago)
  • Asia - 506 New Cases (1 year ago)
  • Cuba - 57 Recovered (1 year ago)
  • Cuba - 1 Deaths (1 year ago)

COVID-19 statistics for Sri Lanka

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Coronavirus statistics for Sri Lanka

Country Total New Deaths Deaths today Recovered Active Critical Per Mil Pop
Sri Lanka 6028 50 14 1 3561 60 2453

COVID-19 Latest News for Sri Lanka:

1 year ago
Zaharan Hashim’s wife at PCoI on April Attacks for the first time

Colombo (News 1st);  Abdul Cader Fathima, the wife of Zaharan Hashim arrived at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry probing the 2019 April 21st Attacks for the very first time on Thursday (22) to provide evidence. Zaharan Hashim’s wife at PCoI on April Attacks for the first time

1 year ago
Criminal Psychology of Students
Sri Lanka Guardian

New Zealand’s first MP Shane Jones had made a complaint talking to the media-men somewhere in March 2020 that the Indian students were ruining academic institutions in New Ali SukhanverNot only in the Asian countries but everywhere all over the world the war between the law-enforcement...

1 year ago
Argentina’s Veteran Ambassador Makes a Stand for the Sovereignty of Latin America
Sri Lanka Guardian

Argentina, under the previous right-wing government of Mauricio Macri, had been an integral part of the Lima Vijay PrashadAlicia Castro does not shy away from her views. She came to diplomacy from the trade union movement, where she was a leader when she was a flight attendant with Aerolíneas...

1 year ago
Chinese Game in Bay of Bengal
Sri Lanka Guardian

China has also established itself as the largest trading partner of Bangladesh. The total volume of trade between the two countries in 2019 stood at around $18 billion. Trade between India and Bangladesh amounted to about $10 Anita Inder SinghIsn’t it surprising and unusual for a ‘leading...

1 year ago
Court of Appeal rejects Riyad Bathiudeen’s petition

Colombo (News 1st); The Court of Appeal rejected the petition filed by Riyad Bathiudeen seeking an order to prevent his arrest. Riyad Bathiudeen is the brother of Ex-Minister Rishad Bathiudeen. Justices of the Court of Appeal Mahinda Samayawardena and Arjuna Obeysekera determined there was insufficient...

1 year ago
Sri Lanka’s Flight Information Region to Be Revised
Sri Lanka Guardian

As soon as an air traffic services unit becomes aware of an unidentified aircraft in its area, it must  endeavour to establish the identity of the aircraft whenever this is necessary for the provision of air traffic services or required by the appropriate military authorities in accordance with...

1 year ago
The Police System That Terrorizes the Poor and Minorities Is Rooted in the Colonial Past
Sri Lanka Guardian

According to defenders of law enforcement, the thinking is: If you don’t want to be policed, don’t commit crimes, right? But the law creates the Justin Podur The Minneapolis City Council’s attempt to defund police may have fizzled out for the moment, but the problem of police...

1 year ago
Future of the Tea industry in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Guardian

Who will pluck tea leaves in 10-15 years?by Raj GonsalkoraleIn the tea industry, the tea taster reigns supreme. Yet strangely enough tea tasting begins with the plucker. This is because the taster’s judgment depends on how the leaves have been plucked. There are two forms of plucking: fine and coarse...

1 year ago
Working to End Human Violence in the Time of Covid-19
Sri Lanka Guardian

If you understand the critical importance of reducing human consumption as the core element of any strategy to preserve a habitable biosphere – encapsulated in Gandhi’s observation that ‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every person’s need, but not every person’s greed’ – then you might...

1 year ago
Further allocations provided to ensure health facilities of examination centers

Colombo (News 1st);  Secretary to the Ministry of Education Professor Kapila Perera stated further allocations are provided to ensure health facilities of examination centers in order to protect students who are facing the GCE Advanced Level Examination, from the Covid-l9 virus. GCE Advanced Level...

1 year ago
COVID-19 positive A/L student sits for exam at IDH

Colombo (News 1st); Facilities were provided to a COVID-19 infected female student from Gampaha to sit for the G. C. E. Advanced Level Examination without any issue, Dr. Hemantha Herath, Acting Deputy Director-General of Health Services told News 1st on Monday (19). He said even though a student from...

1 year ago
An Era of Pandemics?
Sri Lanka Guardian

What is Global and What is Planetary About COVID-19by Dipesh ChakrabartyLet me state at the outset the point that I wish to get across in this short essay.The current moment of the COVID-19 pandemic belongs not only to the global history of capitalism and its destructive impact on human life, but it...

1 year ago
Ayurveda introduces multiple herbal drugs to fight corona-virus

Colombo (News 1st);  Experts at the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine developed multiple herbal drugs to combat the risk of contracting the coronavirus. State Minister of Indigenous Medicine Promotion, Rural and Ayurvedic Hospitals Development, and Community Health Sisira Jayakody told News 1st these...

1 year ago
Sri Lanka: My Prison Diary - II
Sri Lanka Guardian

 Prime Minister Rajapaksa has a very high regard for me not because of any political affiliations—our military had never got involved in politics—but because I had trained his second son Yoshitha in the Admiral Ravindra C WijegunaratneThe usually very calm and quiet Welikada Prison,...

1 year ago
Payment of Rs. 5,000 each to affected families in the Gampaha District where quarantine curfew is in effect – Ministry of Finance

COLOMBO (News 1st): payment of Rs. 5,000 each to affected families in the Gampaha District where the quarantine curfew is in effect will commence from tomorrow, the Ministry of Finance said. According to Finance Ministry Secretary S. R Attygalle Rs. 400 million has been allocated for this purpose to...

1 year ago
Sri Lanka: Covid-19, 20th Amendment, and the Shadow of Chinese Dominion
Sri Lanka Guardian

If the non-Rajapaksa SLPP and the SLFP say yes to the 20th Amendment, they will become enablers of their own enslaving. To avoid that future, they need not stand up and shout a resounding no to the 20th Amendment. All they have to do is to stay at home. Because they have a cough. by Tisaranee Gunasekara...

1 year ago
Sri Lanka: New Revolt in the Temple and new Catholic Action
Sri Lanka Guardian

 A practical approach in Sri Lanka would be to hold presidential and parliamentary elections at the same time every five years. The two elected institutions will have to learn to work together between elections regardless of who holds the majority in parliament. by Rajan PhilipsNo one knows...

1 year ago
For an Argo-Ecological Way of Life!
Sri Lanka Guardian

Let’s embark upon a system of agriculture that safeguards smallholding food producersThe following statement issued by Movement for Land and Agricultural ReformToday (October 16) is the 2020 World Food Day. World Food Day does not seem anything to be celebrated at a time when we are wholly dependent...

1 year ago
Air Transport and the Travel Bubble
Sri Lanka Guardian

The travel bubble has not merely remained a buzzword but has evolved in popularity around the world. by Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne in  Montreal Fear of harm ought to be proportional not merely to the gravity of the harm but also to the probability of the event ~ Blaise Pascal, Ars Cogitandi...

1 year ago
Reform of State Enterprises in Sri Lanka – Revival through a Singapore model to stop the haemorrhaging?
Sri Lanka Guardian

The writer hopes that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and Minister Nivard Cabraal, will consider these proposals in order to deliver on the political pledges made to achieve SOE reforms that will be effective and permanent. by Raj Gonsalkorale55 largest SOEs delivered...

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