• Brazil - 12943 Recovered (13 minutes ago)
  • South America - 12943 Recovered (13 minutes ago)
  • Australia - 10 Recovered (31 minutes ago)
  • Australia - 8 New Cases (31 minutes ago)
  • Oceania - 10 Recovered (31 minutes ago)
  • Oceania - 8 New Cases (31 minutes ago)
  • Honduras - 14 Recovered (52 minutes ago)
  • Honduras - 8 Deaths (52 minutes ago)
  • Honduras - 165 New Cases (52 minutes ago)
  • North America - 14 Recovered (52 minutes ago)
  • North America - 8 Deaths (52 minutes ago)
  • North America - 165 New Cases (52 minutes ago)
  • El Salvador - 44 Recovered (55 minutes ago)
  • El Salvador - 3 Deaths (55 minutes ago)
  • North America - 44 Recovered (55 minutes ago)
  • North America - 3 Deaths (55 minutes ago)
  • Bolivia - 161 Recovered (58 minutes ago)
  • Bolivia - 33 Deaths (58 minutes ago)
  • Bolivia - 460 New Cases (58 minutes ago)
  • South America - 161 Recovered (58 minutes ago)
  • South America - 33 Deaths (58 minutes ago)
  • South America - 460 New Cases (58 minutes ago)
  • Peru - 750 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 750 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 31 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 1569 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Antigua and Barbuda - 1 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • North America - 1 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Brazil - 31 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Brazil - 1569 New Cases (1 hour ago)

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Coronavirus statistics for Syria

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COVID-19 Latest News for Syria:

2 weeks ago
Damascus struggles to secure wheat supply amidst coronavirus crisis
Syria Direct

AMMAN — Two weeks into Syria’s wheat harvest and amidst an economic crisis spiraling ou...

3 weeks ago
Economic anxiety continues despite Assad’s speech on the coronavirus
Syria Direct

AMMAN — Since October 2019, the Syrian pound (SYP) has been in a steep decline, driven primar...

1 month ago
‘Home is no longer safe’, Syrian refugee women in Jordan fear domestic violence more than COVID-19
Syria Direct

AMMAN — As Jordan enters its sixth week of coronavirus-induced lockdown, victims of domestic ...

1 month ago
Antagonism and confusion undermine northeast Syria’s response to the coronavirus
Syria Direct

AMMAN — The first death from COVID-19 in northeast Syria this month has brought to the fore t...

1 month ago
As Ramadan begins, the Syrian government eases coronavirus-restrictions to kickstart the economy
Syria Direct

AMMAN — Over the past two weeks, the Syrian government has announced a certain easing of coro...

1 month ago
Humanitarian responses to the coronavirus bring the UAE and Syria publicly closer
Syria Direct

AMMAN — On March 27, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy...

1 month ago
Coronavirus: The Syrian regime’s novel weapon against detainees
Syria Direct

AMMAN — The fact that there has been only 25 cases of the coronavirus, including two deaths, ...

1 month ago
Coronavirus reduces remittances and threatens to upend Syria’s economy
Syria Direct

AMMAN — As much of the world remains confined to their houses, Syrians in the diaspora are st...

1 month ago
How will coronavirus affect Syria’s fragile economy?
Syria Direct

AMMAN — Over the last year, Syria has experienced a collapse in the value of its national cur...

1 month ago
For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the repercussions of the coronavirus may be more deadly than the infection 
Syria Direct

AMMAN—In one of the Syrian refugee camps in Arsal, on the slopes of Lebanon’s northeast...

1 month ago
Coronavirus: Damascus’ rosy statements clash with facts on the ground
Syria Direct

AMMAN — Despite officially having only 19 cases of Coronavirus and two resulting deaths, the ...

2 months ago
Mapping Coronavirus in Syria: Unofficial cases and hot spots
Syria Direct

AMMAN — As Damascus confirmed its tenth case and second death from Coronavirus this week, the...

2 months ago
Clinics close in al-Rukban as camp braces for Coronavirus
Syria Direct

Amman — As the rest of the world isolates themselves to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, th...

2 months ago
Photo essay: Damascenes suffer as Coronavirus takes its toll economically
Syria Direct

AMMAN — On Sunday, Damascus announced Syria's first confirmed Coronavirus case, the first off...

2 months ago
What measures is Syria taking against Coronavirus?
Syria Direct

AMMAN — In Syria, reality seemed to finally set in when the government announced all schools ...

2 months ago
How will coronavirus affect Syria? 
Syria Direct

AMMAN — “There is no way on earth Syria is immune from a globally spread virus,” ...

11 months ago
One year after reconciliation, why are southern Syria’s residents paying out of pocket for public services?
Syria Direct

Amman— Residents of one southern Syrian town have taken it upon themselves to provide electri...

1 year ago
Souriyeh / سوريّة: From ‘victims’ to providers of psychological support
Syria Direct

Mental health support for Syrian refugees is an important focus for civil society organizations i...

2 years ago
Daraa doctor provides treatment for addicts who ‘cannot find a place in society’
Syria Direct

Abu Anis runs the only center in Syria’s rebel-held Daraa province that provides treatment to...

3 years ago
Wadi Barada ceasefire goes into effect, amnesty for fighters as repair teams set to fix damaged water station
Syria Direct

With pro-Assad forces meters away from the Ein al-Fijeh village, home to the spring that provides w...

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