• Peru - 5384 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • South America - 5384 Recovered (16 minutes ago)
  • Eritrea - 3 Recovered (34 minutes ago)
  • Africa - 3 Recovered (34 minutes ago)
  • Honduras - 52 Recovered (46 minutes ago)
  • Honduras - 11 Deaths (46 minutes ago)
  • Honduras - 418 New Cases (46 minutes ago)
  • North America - 52 Recovered (46 minutes ago)
  • North America - 11 Deaths (46 minutes ago)
  • North America - 418 New Cases (46 minutes ago)
  • Kazakhstan - 1179 Recovered (49 minutes ago)
  • Kazakhstan - 722 New Cases (49 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 1179 Recovered (49 minutes ago)
  • Asia - 722 New Cases (49 minutes ago)
  • Paraguay - 54 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 54 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 7 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 327 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Belgium - 12 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Belgium - 7 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Belgium - 468 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Europe - 12 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Europe - 7 Deaths (1 hour ago)
  • Europe - 468 New Cases (1 hour ago)
  • Germany - 1000 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Europe - 1000 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Venezuela - 3574 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • South America - 3574 Recovered (1 hour ago)
  • Bolivia - 1015 Recovered (2 hours ago)
  • Bolivia - 72 Deaths (2 hours ago)

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Coronavirus statistics for Tajikistan

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COVID-19 Latest News for Tajikistan:

1 day ago
Majlis Podcast: Counting The Coronavirus Cases In Central Asia
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

On this week's Majlis podcast, RFE/RL's Media-Relations Manager Muhammad Tahir moderates a discussion on the different methods Central Asian governments are using to count the number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

1 day ago
Podcast: Counting The Coronavirus Cases In Central Asia
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Ever since the coronavirus appeared in Central Asia, the authorities in countries there have used some questionable systems to count the numbers.

1 day ago
Iran's President Says Coronavirus Restrictions To Remain Through January 2021
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Iranian President Hassan Rohani says a state of emergency imposed in the country because of the coronavirus pandemic will remain in place at least until the end of January 2021.

2 days ago
Pakistan To Allow All International Flights From August 9
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Pakistan has announced that it will fully resume international flights from August 9, more than four months after it suspended the operations because of the coronavirus pandemic.

3 days ago
No Coronavirus Postponement And No Front-Runners So Far In Kyrgyz Elections
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Kyrgyzstan is readying for parliamentary elections in October that the pandemic and a sweeping reorganization of its political parties ensure will be very different from any of its previous votes.

4 days ago
Pakistan To Lift Coronavirus Restrictions On August 10
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Pakistan said it will lift most of the country's remaining coronavirus restrictions after seeing a gradual drop in new cases during the past month.

4 days ago
Cooking The Numbers? Locals In Russia's Kaliningrad Say Coronavirus Testing Stopped In Bid To Show Fewer Cases
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Hospitals in the western Russian city of Kaliningrad have all but stopped testing for coronavirus infections as officials report a steady decline in new cases. Locals say the government is doing everything to create the impression that the pandemic is under control in order to reopen the economy and...

4 days ago
U.S. Accuses Russia Of Complex Online Disinformation, Propaganda Operation
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

The United States has accused Russia of developing a sophisticated “ecosystem” to spread disinformation and propaganda about the coronavirus and other issues.

5 days ago
Kazakhstan Allows Transit Of Uzbek, Kyrgyz Workers Stranded In Russia
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Kazakhstan has allowed the transit of thousands of Uzbek and Kyrgyz migrant workers who've been stranded in Russia for months along the border with Kazakhstan due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

6 days ago
Central Asian Migrants, Trapped In Russia Amid Pandemic, Pushed Back At Border
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Dozens of Central Asian migrants trapped in Russia amid the coronavirus pandemic were pushed back by guards when they tried to cross the border into Kazakhstan. 

6 days ago
Moscow Police Again Fining People En Masse For Not Wearing Masks In Subway
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Moscow police have again begun to fine people en masse for not wearing masks or gloves in the city’s metro as coronavirus cases increase in some countries. 

1 week ago
Report: Iran Has Underreported COVID-19 Deaths
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

The Iranian government has drastically underreported data on coronavirus cases and deaths, according to state records secretly sent to the BBC.

1 week ago
Medvedev Says Migrants In Russia Committing More Crime As Unemployment Skyrockets
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, said the nation’s migrants are committing more crimes amid mass unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

1 week ago
Pakistani Teacher Swaps Pupils For Pea Selling To Survive Lockdown
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

​A Pakistani schoolteacher is selling fried peas on the streets after the closure of his private school. Many private schoolteachers in the country are not receiving their salaries due to school closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

1 week ago
To Weep Or Not To Weep: Iran Debates Holding Muharram During Pandemic
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Amid a surge in the number of coronavirus infections, Iranian President Hassan Rohani says the mourning ceremonies of the Shi'ite month of Muharram will be held. The decision was met with criticism from health experts who worry the gatherings could exacerbate an already bad situation.

1 week ago
COVID-19: Iran Sees Most New Infections In Nearly A Month
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Iranian officials said on August 2 that the latest one-day rise in confirmed coronavirus infections there was the highest in nearly a month. 

1 week ago
Russian Vaccine Developer Further Tempers Official's Claim Of October Rollout
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Researchers behind one of two Russian candidate vaccines against the coronavirus undergoing the approval process in that country say they plan to launch production in November.

1 week ago
Amnesty Says Iran Has Ignored Pleas By Prison Officials For Essential Virus Resources
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Amnesty International says it has obtained several leaked documents signed by officials at Iran’s Prisons Organization that reveal that the Iranian government has ignored repeated pleas by senior prison officials for additional resources to control the spread of the coronavirus.

1 week ago
Afghanistan Facing Humanitarian Disaster Amid Pandemic, Continued Violence, U.S. Watchdog Finds
Radio Free Europe - Tajikistan

Millions more Afghans are being pushed into poverty by the coronavirus pandemic, which has overwhelmed the war-wracked country's basic health-care system and exacerbated food insecurity, a U.S. watchdog said on July 30.

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