• Turkey - 1581 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Turkey - 71 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Turkey - 2102 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Asia - 1581 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Asia - 71 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Asia - 2102 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • North Macedonia - 142 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • North Macedonia - 12 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • North Macedonia - 637 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Europe - 142 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Europe - 12 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Europe - 637 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Czechia - 513 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Czechia - 89 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Czechia - 7510 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Europe - 513 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Europe - 89 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Europe - 7510 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Brazil - 41 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Brazil - 2871 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • South America - 41 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • South America - 2871 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Palestine - 609 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Palestine - 8 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Palestine - 506 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Asia - 609 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Asia - 8 Deaths (11 months ago)
  • Asia - 506 New Cases (11 months ago)
  • Cuba - 57 Recovered (11 months ago)
  • Cuba - 1 Deaths (11 months ago)

COVID-19 statistics for USA - Massachusetts

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Coronavirus statistics for Massachusetts

State/Territory Total New Deaths Deaths today Recovered Critical
Massachusetts 36372 1970 1560 156 421 0

COVID-19 Latest News for Massachusetts:

8 months ago
Harvard reports $10 million deficit as costs of COVID-19 add up
The Boston Globe

The university’s first operating deficit since 2013 is a sign of how much economic havoc the coronavirus pandemic has caused in higher education.

8 months ago
Lawmakers, Governor Baker should do what it takes to make inmates’ calls free
The Boston Globe

"I support US Representative Ayanna Pressley’s endorsement of no-cost calls for prisons and jails. Currently, those incarcerated and their families provide revenue to sheriffs and the Department of Correction."

8 months ago
Ireland is first European country to reimpose lockdown amid coronavirus resurgence
The Boston Globe

Ireland became the first European country to reimpose a nationwide lockdown because of coronavirus concerns, with its government urging everyone who can to “stay at home.”

8 months ago
After 41 years, Hunt stepping down as head of Mass. League of Community Health Centers
The Boston Globe

James W. Hunt Jr. is is retiring as chief executive of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers where he played a pivotal role in creating the network of 52 community health centers, with nearly 250 locations, that provide care to 1 million mostly low-income residents across the state.

8 months ago
Obama delivers blazing critique of Trump in 2020 campaign trail debut
The Boston Globe

Former President Barack Obama blasted President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, his culpability in national discord and his overall fitness for the job on Wednesday as he made his first in-person campaign pitch for his former vice president, Joe Biden.

8 months ago
School Committee debates dropping admissions tests for city’s exam schools for one year
The Boston Globe

The Boston School Committee on Wednesday night appeared poised to drop admissions tests for the city’s prestigious exam schools for one year because of the coronavirus pandemic, instead determining eligibility and acceptance using grades, MCAS scores, and ZIP codes.

8 months ago
Reinforcements arrive for banged-up Patriots
The Boston Globe

Center David Andrews returned to the practice field and could provide stability to an offensive line that was in juggle-mode on Sunday.

8 months ago
Newly released videos don’t show key moment in moped crash
The Boston Globe

The Providence police say they plan to release footage from body cameras worn by officers.

8 months ago
Providence Bishop Tobin criticizes Pope Francis again, this time over civil unions for gay people
The Boston Globe

Hours after Pope Francis for the first time endorsed same-sex civil unions, Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin called such relationships “objectively immoral” and said the Catholic church should not accept them.

8 months ago
CDC redefines COVID-19 close contact, adds brief encounters
The Boston Globe

For months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said close contact meant spending a solid 15 minutes within 6 feet of someone who tested positive for coronavirus. On Wednesday, the CDC changed it to a total of 15 minutes or more — so shorter but repeated contacts that add up to 15 minutes...

8 months ago
Rhode Island is seeing clear community spread of coronavirus, governor warns
The Boston Globe

Governor Gina Raimondo repeated her request that residents avoid large gatherings or traveling for Thanksgiving, and said if the virus isn't contained, she'll restrict businesses again and move the state back to Phase 2.

8 months ago
Former FDA commissioner warns of 'rapid acceleration’ of coronavirus cases
The Boston Globe

Dr. Scott Gottlieb issued the warning Monday night on CNBC-TV, saying the country was about a week away from seeing a "rapid acceleration” in cases.

8 months ago
Boston public schools suspend in-person learning for all students starting Thursday
The Boston Globe

All Boston Public Schools students will return to remote-only learning starting Thursday, as the city’s coronavirus positivity rate continues to rise, officials announced Wednesday.

8 months ago
UMass model sees state passing 10,000 coronavirus deaths
The Boston Globe

A University of Massachusetts model suggests the state’s coronavirus death tally will pass the 10,000 mark in several weeks.

8 months ago
Winthrop hires coronavirus inspector to check businesses, public spaces for health protocol compliance
The Boston Globe

The Suffolk County town of Winthrop said Wednesday that it’s hired its first-ever COVID-19 inspector, a position that comes with “Health Department enforcement-level” powers and a focus on helping the community combat the spread of the deadly contagion.

8 months ago
This year, voting like your life depends on it rings true
The Boston Globe

Trump is ignoring the coronavirus, putting tens of thousands of American lives in jeopardy. If he is reelected, this tragedy will continue.

8 months ago
‘It has hit us with a vengeance’: Coronavirus surges again across the United States
The Boston Globe

The newest surge sets the stage for a grueling winter that will test the discipline of many Americans who have spent warmer months gathering in parks and eating outdoors, where the virus is known to spread less easily.

8 months ago
Hundreds protest against Providence police as moped rider remains in coma
The Boston Globe

Stepfather of injured man calls for a peaceful protest, but one police officer was hospitalized after getting hit with an object

8 months ago
Officials prevented large outdoor gathering in Revere; Baker says such meetings threaten everyone’s health
The Boston Globe

The Revere gather was disclosed as the death toll from confirmed coronavirus cases in Massachusetts rose by five to 9,537, the Department of Public Health reported; the number of confirmed cases climbed by 821, bringing the total to 142,295.

8 months ago
Chair of House coronavirus oversight subcommittee asks cargo airlines to return $630 million in aid
The Boston Globe

''Congress intended for these taxpayer funds to save jobs, not to provide windfalls to thriving businesses,'' wrote Representative James Clyburn, chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis.